How do finish Malawi?

i am going to tell you how to complete the walk of malawi. 1.make a poster and donate some millsbucks. 2.go to the museum. 3.take your picture. go to the toy store. 5. go to city,click on westridge and click on the crater. 6.go to the park and play peadbody park clean up. (if you cant beat all of the levels it still lets you go on to the next clue, witch is number 7.) 7.go to the community center and donate something. 8.go to the bus. 9.go to the arcade and play hop n' drop
10.go to the town hall and click on historical society.
11.go to the school acdamey and go inside. 12.go to the clothing store. 13.go back to the museum. 14.take your picture again and you will get the trophy. the instructions may be out of order a little bit but i dont think so, but this is what i know.there is also prizes you get they are,drum,lizard mask,bao game,chief chair,and elephant statue. Hope it helps!