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Flagella move by flicking like little whips or by pulling themselves. Smooth flagella move by flicking and hairy flagella move by pulling.

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How can a bacteria without flagella move?

How can a bacteria without flagella move ?

What do protists and the amoeba move by?

Flagella Both are motile and have flagella that help them move around.

How do trypanosoma move?

They move by flagella.

Do sperm cells move by means of flagella?

Yes. Sperm cells move by means of flagella.

How do protist move?

Ways that protists move:flagellaciliumpseudopodSome protists don't move at all.It uses its flagella. Some like the ameoba don't have a flagella but can move around with their body

How do mastigophorans move?

they move by flagella man :))

Can Monera's move?

Yes they can move if they have flagella.

Why do cells have flagella or cilia?

Flagella and cilia allow a cell to move.

How does a flagella move?

I Guess the flagella moves like throughout the cell. Not Sure

What does Flagella in a cell do?

The flagella is a whip-like organelle that helps the cell move.

How do water molds move?

They move by using their flagella.

How do protozoan move?

Protozoans move with the help Pseudopodia, cilia and flagella. Pseudopodia - Amoeba Cilia - Paramaecium Flagella - Euglena

Euglena move with a whip-like extension what is the extenision called?

Euglena move with a whip-like extension called a flagella. The flagella allows the euglena to move around. Only one celled organisms have a flagella.

Does flagella move?

Yes, that is actually their intended purpose. Many microbes have flagella to help them move around in their environment. The well known "tail" of a sperm cell is actually a flagella and what the sperm uses to move, or "swim", into the uterus.

How does eurobacteria move?

with the help of flagella

A bacterium that losst its flagella would be unable to?

move since the flagella aids in movement.

What does a with cilia or flagella do?

Cilia- Move Things Across The Cell & Help Move The Cell AlongFlagella- Microorganism Uses For Movement

Do bacteria has flagella?

Yes, bacteria do have flagella. A flagella is whiplike projection on the surface of the bacterial cell, which makes/helps the bacteria to move.

Can zooflagellates move?

Yes, zooflagellates can move because of their flagella.

What is the major function of flagella?

The major function of the flagella is to move the cell. It's like a long whip which helps it move around and stuff.

What is the function of flagella in a cell?

The function of flagella in a cell is that it provides locomotion, which is the power or ability to move.

What do flagella enable prokatyotic cell to do?

Flagella are like little rudders, they allow them to move around.

Cell extension that is found on the sperm cell?

Flagella. The flagella helps the sperm cell to move.

Do all bacterial cells have a flagella?

No. Most do, but certain bacteria do not have flagella, and can't move on their own.

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