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take off the back seat and climb though it should be easy. just lift the back rest up on each side and in the middle. the with flashlight in hand use pliers to turn the metal tab inside or take bolts out. wolverine

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Q: How do get a trunk open if it wont turn if you got the right key cause it wont turn and your psp is in the trunk?
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How do you open a Trunk stuck on 1997 volkswagen jetta?

i had problems trying to open my trunk until i figured out the "trick". insert key, turn right, then push in, that should open it. hope that helps!

How do you open trunk 1994 volvo940?

push the key in turn the right the boot will click open it will now work when you open drivers door if you want to stop that turn the key to the left.

How do you open trunk with no battery power and the key wont open it on my 2000528 BMW?

You turn the key to the left,once you feel that it has stopped; if the trunk has not popped open then turn just a little more and it will pop open.

How do you open trunk of a 1979 Mercedes?

With the lock in the vertical position, insert the key, then turn it to the right, when you can not turn it further you push inward and it should pop open. If this does not work then you have a problem with the lock itself.

The trunk of your 92 Volvo 940 GL will not open with your master key?

Are you sure it is the Master? Try the key in the glove box lock. The power door locks should unlock the trunk for you turn the key if it is right over to the right turn it right over to the left . you turn the key to far right to stop the boot been opened when the doors are not closed.

How do I open the trunk of My 2007 Colbalt when the battery is dead problem And I can't get My car key out of My Ignition to open it?

Put your key in the trunk lock and turn.

Where is the jack on a 2000 Honda Accord?

In the trunk, there is a black plastic cover on the right sidewall. Turn the Cover Knob to the left, open the panel. There's the jack. There is a panel in the trunk on the right side on the floor of the trunk. This panel encloses the Tire iron, used to get the lugnuts off the wheels.

How do you fix the trunk latch release on a 2000 Mercury Cougar it does not even work with the key-bob Thanks?

inside the trunk is an emergeny pull cord. when u turn the key there is a little piece on that cord that the key pulls on... u can only fix it with the trunk open though. so to open it get the remote or have a second person to open the trunk right after u press the botton. open it while the latch is rewinding

How do you open the trunk lid of BMW 318?

I have a 91 and to open it, you insert the key into the slot above the license plate area, turn, and push in firmly until you feel the trunk open.

How do you open the trunk of a 1998 Buick Century if the keys are locked inside the trunk?

You have to pull the backrest of the seat out, take a long flat head screwdriver and you will see a little square box with a square wedge, just turn it to the right and trunk will pop open, the job should only take 30 minutes

Where is the fuse box for a 1998 BMW 528i?

AnswerIn the trunk. Open the compartment closest to the trunk door on the right side of the trunk, the fuses are in there.There is also one in the glove compartment. Look for two white knobs and turn them. The fuse box should drop down

How do you open 1988 BMW 735i trunk?

Push the round key button in. You may have to insert the key first and turn to the right and than push the button.

Why wont the trunk button for Acura Legend work anymore?

Turn the trunk control switch on it is inside the glove box. Once you turn it on, press switch button on the driver door that open the trunk, good luck dude.

I have an '89 cabriolet how do you get the trunk open?

Insert your door key into the keyhole on the trunk. Turn left 90 degrees, and either push in the key, or remove the key and use your finger to press the keyhole button. The trunk lid will pop open. Remember to lock the trunk by inserting the key and turning 90 degrees to the right so the key hole opening orientation is vertical.

How do you open the gas door on 1993 Mercedes Benz 190e?

Turn the key in the trunk - it unlocks the gas door too. The locks work on a vacuum system. (You can disconnect the gas door from the system by pulling apart a plug in the trunk on the right side behind the plastic cover but I'm not sure if this would cause other problems.)

How do you get the trunk open on 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme LS with factory installed security device and key will not turn lock?

Open the glove box, and there should be a button to pop your trunk

How does trunk lid of 97 olds aurora open?

check inside the glove box. there should be a trunk overide switch. turn it to the on position.

Why doesn't the trunk to Mercedes s600 open?

On our Mercedes you put the key in turn it to the drivers side and push in then you take the key out and lift the trunk.

How can you get the front hood to open on your 67 vw beetle?

The boot or the trunk is under the front hood of a 1967 VW Beetle. To open the hood, make sure the handle is unlocked, turn the handle to the right and lift.

How could you use mercury to make a switch to turn on a light when the trunk of a car is open?

You do not need mercury. Just install a door jam switch in the trunk wired into a light in the cat so that when the trunk is open a light will come on in the vehicle.

How do you get into the trunk of a 2002 Thunderbird if the battery is dead?

On the panel behind the driver's seat there is a key hole. You put your key in it and turn it and it will pop the trunk open.

How do you get the trunk to open on E320 Mercedes when the battery is dead?

Put your Key in the lock and turn it counterclockwise,,,, Push the button and voila.... the trunk lid opens.....

I cannot open the rear trunk to 1993 BMW 325i where the key does not unlock it nor does the lever on the driver's side Suggestions?

After you turn the key, you have to push in the trunk button (the key is in), that should open it up.

Does a 96 Plymouth breeze have a separate trunk key?

No, the same key used to unlock the car & start the engine is the same key you use to open the trunk. answer If you can open the doors and turn the ignition but can't open the trunk it's because you have a service (valet) key or don't have an original dealer key. Or your trunk key cylinder has failed or rusted shut.

How do you unlock the trunk on a Mercedes S430?

You can use the unlock button on your key fob or on the dashboard inside the car, but I am guessing you want to know how to unlock it manually. Simple. Just take your key and detach the valet key via the grey button on the top of the fob. you will be left with a regular metal key. Insert this into the hole in the trunk (It is under the little lid where the trunk handle pops out) and turn it. If you turn it the right way, the trunk should pop open.