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Beat the elite four a million times like I did yea go to the elite four, or if you're a cheater =( u could go to

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What is the highest level in Pokemon FireRed?

All pokemon's highest level is 100.

What level are the Pokemon in the cerulean cave in Pokemon firered?

all i know is Mewtwo is level 70

How do you make a great achievement in Pokemon firered?

Train every Pokemon to level 100, catch all the Pokemon, receive the diploma, collect all the stickers and defeat the trainer tower.

Is there a way to make all your Pokemon lvl100 on firered?

Yes, you train them my charizard got level 100 last night

What level pokemon does sabrina have firered?

All around level 40 range.

How do you beat the leage on Pokemon FireRed?

All u have to do is trian ur Pokemon to level 70.

How do you get a Arceus in Pokemon FireRed?

to get that you have to trade from D/P.PS.he's not the strongest the ancient mew with 10,000 life'll never find him till you have all 386 Pokemon and they're all level 100 cause he's level 101 he's ancient

What Pokémon's are best at level 100?

All Pokemon are good at Level 100.

How do you use the exp share on FireRed?

All you have to do is just put a pokemon (preferrably a level 100, or at least your highest leveled pokemon) in the front of your party, and give the pokemon you want to train up the exp. share. Then it will get a share of the exp. points. The reason you would want a level 100 in front is because then the pokemon holding the experience share will get 100% of the exp.

Can you level up a Pokemon over level 100 once you beat the game?

no you can't 100 is the highest level on all Pokemon games

Where are the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

In cerulean cave the strongest Pokemon you will find besides mewtwo are all in the level 60 range.

How do you get 100 Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed without action replay?

It's easy all you have to do is trade with leaf green

Pokemon firered Pokemon tower?

what about it? be more specific It's in the Northest part of Seven Island, across the water. All your opponents Pokemon are at the same level as your Pokemon with the highest level.

How do you get your Pokemon to level 200 in Pokemon Diamond?

The max level is 100 in all the Pokemon games, it is possible to get it to 255 with cheat codes, but once you level again the level will drop back to 100.

What do you do after the battle frontier on Pokemon Emerald?

Train until all of your Pokemon have evolved and become level:100, or just level them up to level:100 if the Pokemon don't evolve.

Is there a Pokemon diamond code for all Pokemon level 100?


How do you get all level 100 Pokemon?

feed your Pokemon rare candys

How do you evolve chansey in Pokemon FireRed?

you need to make it love you all the way and level it up

Can any Pokemon GO a level higher then lvl 100?

Not at all in the regular Pokemon games, though some Pokemon hacks have enemy Pokemon above level 100.

What level do all Pokemon evole at?

lvl 100

How can you get all of your Pokemon at level 100 on Pokemon diamond?

easy just cheat

How do you get your pokemon to level 100 in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You battle all trainers and most of all train.

Pokemon Diamond how to get all Pokemon in PC level 100?

All my pokemons are 100 level. There is a lottery or something and I won a machine that makes all my pokemons level up not doing anything. If you do the lottery and get that, this might happen.

Where are all the Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

every where

What level does Oddish evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

In all of the Pokemon games Oddish evolves to Gloom when it is level 21, then you can evolve it into Bellossom with the sun stone or Vileplume with the leaf stone.

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