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dress how you would normally dress and if they don't like it there not the right person they should like u 4 who u are

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What should girls wear to attract boys?

Girls need to dress for themselves and what they like. To try to dress for someone else isn't being yourself. To attract someone you need to be yourself.

Does Justin Bieber like girls who dress like him?

yes he dose like it when girls dress like him2

How do guys want girls to dress?

Guys like girls that wear a dress sometimes and we like to see a little bit

Do guys like girls who dress weird?

noo but they do like fat girls

Do girls like guys who dress like girls?

Yes and no, it would be down to the individuals preferences. Some girls don't mind, where a lot of girls would not entertain going out with a boy in a dress.

Do girls like boys to dress like girls?

A small number do, but the vast majority do not.

Are you a bysexual if you like girls and boys?

Bisexual means you like your own sex and the opposite sex So if you are a girl but you like girls and boys you are bisexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls you are also bisexual If you are a boy and like boy's then you are gay If you are a girl and like girls you are a Lesbian if you are a girl and like a boy then you are straight if you are a boy and like a girl you are straight too. If you are a girl and like boys and girls and cross dress (dress as a boy) you are Transexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls and if you also cross dress (dress as a girl) then you are Transexual

Why do some boys dress in girls clothing?

teenage Boys dress like girls because oft here hormones it makes them want to dress as girls also some males like the feel of the clothing or are stressed or bored

How do you flirt with emo girls?

Tell them how cool their hair looks. Emo girls love that. Also talk about music often. Get physical sometimes with them to. Emo girls like that to.

How do bad boys like girls to dress?

Like sluts.

Do any girls like to dress boys up as girls?

yes. obviously.

How do girls pee in a dress?

Like they normally would just lift the dress up

How do french girls dress show me a picture?

French girls dress just like English ones. Sorry I don't have a picture.

Do guys like it when girls dress funny?

Yes they do

Do girls like boys who like to dress like a girl occasionally?

I know I do.

How do you dress like a guy?

go to the guyy section at the store becuzzz tons of guyyzz dress differently like girls

Why do girls care about you more when you compliment them?

Well some girls do that not all girls & well if they are like that they just like when you notice them, girls like to be noticed by someone they like or someone they think might like them.

Where can you find patterns for a prom dress for big breasted girls?

Well, you need to wear a push-up bra, and then, you shuold be able to fit in any dress like someone with normal sized boobs.

What kinder girl do you like?

People normally like girls that are respectful, honest, and kind. They also like girls that dress decently and are intelligent.

Guys like girls that can?

guys like girls that can be sexaully excited

Why are girls so into their looks and how they dress?

That's just girls.. This is just like saying, "Why are guys so into football and girls?"

How many centermetres long are netball dresses?

netball dresses come in a lot of different sizes. asking how big a netball dress is is like asking how big a girls skirt is. It depends on how tall the person wearing the dress is, so someone who is tall would have a very different length dress to someone who is very short.

What to wear to watch someone graduate?

if your a boy a dress and a girl a suite LOL girls smell

What kind of clothes do guys like on girls?

Whith a short dress

Should girls dress up like boys?

Yes, if they want to.

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