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Im 14 and popular and to me, its not all that important as long as i get my school work done im fine....I think its because if a certain child is not their "style" they wont hang with them just because of the whole popularity thing. I hang with everybody so i really don't know i was just trying to give u an idea but ill keep researching!!

when i was in high school it was the people i considered "popular" they were the people that wore abercrombie. or anything from the mall, were very attractive people,and they all hung out together (like 30) or more of them. but now that im out of high school i realized that was so stupid. you should love yourself and not care about anyone else. (what there wearing or anything like that) plus i just told myself im just here to learn and get an education.

It has taken me a long time to come to the realization that every group believes that THEY are the most popular group and that all other less-fortunate, less-intelligent, less-attractive, less-interesting, less-athletic, less-non-conformist, less-goth group wants to be just like them!

It's simply the "pecking order." It's genetic (from the parents.) Some children can be leaders (either by being assertive or partially bullying while others can be followers of the group, and others simply don't care to be either. I give a big clap to the one young person who said they simply do their school work and don't worry too much about it. That's a great step into maturity!

All kids basically go through this. When I first started elementary school I cried for the first couple of days (separation anxiety) and my first grade teacher was wonderful. Unfortunately, that was the last kind teacher I had through my school days. Others were sharp tongued, would embarrass students, etc. Then on top of that a few of us had to find our way with our peers and decide where we would land. Many were the wealthier kids with their little elite groups (big deal) while others were just a friendly group and then there were those students that had their own groups that just continuously studied. By the time I was in mid elementary school I stood on my own two feet and chose the road of fighting for the under-dog. Oh yeah, I could swing a mean right! LOL I played sports like a boy and fought like one. No, not lady-like, but as soon as I graduated from elementary school and went through high school like all young people I became interested in the opposite sex, but also was loved to study and get good marks. This preps you for the workforce. I did well and had some very good jobs and made a good Supervisor as I expected the best from my people, but also could understand the human side of each employee and I was there for them. I wouldn't have traded my past for anything. It doesn't matter if you belong to the most popular group at school because once you leave school you'll probably never see these people in your lifetime again.

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Q: How do groups of children choose who is popular?
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