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they dont.

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What does hippos do to help us?

a hippo is on earth because god put them on earth

Are hippos important to the human race?

yes the help us they cut the weed so they help i guees

How many hippos in Africa?

3 (Bambo, Rangolo, Swanna) Help save the Hippos.

Do humans help or hurt hippos?

humans don't harm hippos,but some people do to use their skin

How big is a hippopotamus at birth?

Hippos at birth can be 50-100 pounds! I am doing hippos for a report! This helped me. Hope it can help you!

What animals eat hippos?

humans if not us nobody

What are the hippos most known predator?

Us darling.

What are people doing to help hippos not become extinct?


What body part help a hippo to survive?

their lungs help hippos to breath also hippo power

What is the collective noun for hippos?

The collective nouns are a bloat of hippos, a crash of hippos, or a herd of hippos.

Do hippos live in the US?

no. they live in africa, and india. they do but only in captivity.

What are hippos mixed with?


Why were hippos hunted?

For there teeth and hippos teeth valuable and hippos were also dangerous

How many stomachs do hippos have?

hippos have one stomach

Do hippos have blue blood?

No, its the same ol' red as for almost all of us.

Who are hippos enemies?

other hippos

What are the three hippos called?

what hippos

Do hippos have camouflage?

do hippos hibernate

What are hippos enimes?

well the male hippos enimes are humans and other hippos what he said ^

Are hippos unicellular?

No, hippos are multicellular organisms.

Do hippos have tongues?

Yes,hippos have tongues.

Do hippos blink?

yes hippos blink.

Where do baby hippos come from?

Mother Hippos

Do hippos eat meatballs?

yes hippos do

What are hippos legs called?

Hippos legs?

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