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They are the best "all-terrain vehicle" for traveling across

wild lands that are sensitive to impact if quads and trikes where

to travel through because they are not noisy and they don't disturb

wildlife like motorized ATV's do, and you can go anywhere you want

that you would otherwise get stuck with an ATV in or where an ATV

couldn't go through. Riding a horse in certain parks, whether it's

for an hour or for a couple of days, offer a unique tourism and

traveling experience that cannot be replaced or compared by

walking, ATVs, cars or RV's.

Horses are also still great work-animals for handling, herding

and working with livestock like cattle and sheep on a large-scale

operation like a North American/South American ranch or Australian

station. There are many such ranch owners that prefer to raise

cattle the old way rather than having to spend money on all the

technology and gadgets companies have come out with to help with

handling and working with livestock. In the past, heavy draft

horses were (and in some areas still are) used to work fields for

growing crops, mowing hay, etc.

In some large cities horses are good for use police-work, such

as patrolling large parks or streets where walking is not fast

enough to get around, and a car would get stuck in traffic, but a

horse is perfect for getting around more quickly and


Horses are also used for therapeutic uses such as helping people

to walk again by exercising the hips when a person is riding them,

and as a confidence and self-esteem booster for kids and troubled

teens. Horses also teach responsibility, dedication and patience

when working with them for shows or just to have as a companion


Horses are also a great subject for art and photography because

of their beauty and their complex yet simple behaviour.

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