How do horses protect?

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Horses protect themselves by kicking or biting there predator.

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Q: How do horses protect?
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Why do donkeys protect horses?

Donkeys do not protect horses, but donkeys are overall more protective than horses. They may look like they protect horses.

How do quarter horses protect themselves?

They mostly protect themselves by biting and kicking.

How do horses protect them selves?

they kick youu

Do sea horses feed and protect there kids?

Yes, sea horses do feed and protect their kids. Both male and female sea horses can have babies. they can have up to 1000 in one day and they come out of the sea horses stomach

Do donkeys protect horses from coyotes?

They could. Donkeys or mules are often left out with cows to protect them; I don't see why they wouldn't do the same with horses.

Do horses protect goats from predators?

It would depend how long they have been together for, but horses protect each other from predators, and goats are great companions for horses, so I would say yes, they would protect there goat friends from predators. Sweeney_Todd_Fan

Why do horses need forelocks?

Horses forelocks are dual purpose. The protect the eyes from the sun. But mostly they to help protect the horses eyes from nats, flys and dust and sand. Many driving horses have them shaved off as they interfere with driving bridles.

How do mustang horses protect themself?

They bite and kick.

Why do horses where blinders when racing?

to protect their eyes from things

What government agencies protect the wild horses?

In the U.S. the BLM manages and protects wild horses.

How do tamed horses protect them selves?

Tamed horses or domesticated horse allow for their owner to protect themselves. If you are referring to protecting themselves from predators then they will always do that regardless.

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