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To teach within the public school system, a bachelor's degree in an education program with state teacher certification is required for all states within the US.

In the state of California, your teaching credential for multiple subjects in a self contained classroom covers grades K-8. Most, but not all, programs involve about 4 semesters of post bachelors degree study. Although you may have an preferred grade in mind, most new teachers take any grade offered by a school district in order to get their foot in the door. Private schools have different requirements and may not require a teaching credential. visit us at

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You should look into taking Early Childhood Education (ECE) classes at junior college. You might also check with your state's department of education to see if they have any unique requirements (licensing, etc).

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In my country everyone can be a part time kindergarden teacher as long as they are a female but i think there is a specific degree, something like Degree in Pre-school Education or Degree in Children Psychology that can help you land the job better. If degree is too time consuming, maybe a diploma would be enough.

In the US, states regulate teacher certification. A minimum of a bachelor degree is necessary. Common degrees are:

BS in Early Childhood Development

BS in Ed.

BS in Child Psychology

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First of all you need to complete either a 2 or 4 year degree in early childhood education. In the state I live in, you can submit an application to intern at a local elementary school to observe and practice teaching an actual class. Once the education for your degree is complete, you must pass a State Exam to become a fully state licensed educator.

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Q: How do i become a Kindergarten teacher?
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What are the college courses needed to become a kindergarten teacher?

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what classes do i need to take in college to be a kindergarten teacher?

To become a kindergarten teacher you need to take classes in education. You should be an education major if you plan to become a teacher. You will also have to take communication classes.

Where can I study to become a kindergarten teacher?

If you want to become a kindergarten teacher you should go to a University or college and get a teaching degree, preferably one with an academic program related to your field study.

What should you study in high school if you want to become a kindergarten teacher?

There's nothing special to study in high school. Later, you attend a Teacher's College to become a teacher. You might end up teaching First or Second grade (or higher) if a school doesn't have an opening for kindergarten.

What is the maximum student to teacher ratio in kindergarten?

what is the maxiumum student to teacher ratio in kindergarten?

What are the qualifications for kindergarten teacher education?

To be a kindergarten teacher you must have at least a bachelor's degree. You must also be certified by the state to teach kindergarten.

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What can you do today that will help you become a kindergarten teacher?

Get good grades, volunteer in early childhood, Head Start, or kindergarten classrooms (you'll pick up lots of tips about group management and gain practical experience about the age group), read children's books and practice storytelling techniques.

How do I become a kindergarten teacher and what is the average salary that I can expect to receive?

To become a Kindergarten Teacher, you will need an associate's or bachelor's degree in primary education. During your education, you will spend one or two semesters in a classroom situation and be evaluated on your performance. Upon successful graduation, you will need to pass the requirements of your state to earn your license to teach. After 2 to 4 years as a Kindergarten Teacher, you can expect an annual average salary of $52K.