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The IAC is located on the throttle body. Simply unplug the dirty IAC and clean or replace the IAC.

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Q: How do i replace the iac valve for 2000 impala?
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2000 Saturn and fast idle?

Replace engine mounted temperature sensor and IAC valve(or clean throttle body and IAC according to an automotive manual). Before trying both of these, replace PCV valve to correct any vacuum problems.

Where is the iac on 2000 Maxima?

The IAC valve is mounted on the upper intake plenum (manifold)

Where is the IAC valve in the 2000 Honda Accord V6?

It's under the throttle body. To get to it, you'll need to remove the throttle body and flip it upside down. The IAC valve is mounted by two screws to the throttle body, and it has a gasket that you will need to replace if you remove the IAC valve, so make sure you have a new gasket on hand if you intend to take off the IAC valve.

How do you Remove and Replace the IAC valve on a 2000 Taurus?

AnswerThe valve is held in place by two bolts. Remove them and disconnect the electrical connector. Use a new gasket and install the new valve. Connect the wires. Rick

Why does my 2001 Mercury Marquis LS stall?

Replace your IAC Valve-No more stalling

Why does the engine stall when accelarator is released?

Most likely it is your IAC valve - Idle air control valve. It comes out with 2 screws to replace.

Iac valve 2003 expedtion Eddie whear it is?

where is the iac valve for 2003 expedtion Eddie Bauer

How do i replace Idle air control on 2001 maxima?

* Disconnect the electrical connector from the IAC valve * Remove the two IAC valve attaching screws and withdraw the valve from the IAC housing * Clean the sealing surface and the bore of the IAC housing with a shop rag or soft cloth to ensure a good seal * Postion a new O-ring on the housing.Lubricate the O-ring with a light film of the engine oil * Install the IAC valve and tighten the screws securely * The remainder of the installation is the reverse of removal

Where is the iac valve on a 97 Camry?

The IAC is located on the throttle body.

Where is the IAC Valve located on 2004 dodge 5.7 hemi?

Where is the iac valve located on 2004 dodge 5.7hemi

Where is the IAC valve located on a 1999 Honda Civic LX?

where is the iac valve on a 99 honda civic lx?

Where is the iac valve on a gmc jimmy?

The location of the IAC valve depends on the kind of fuel injection system you have. On the Vortec V6 (93+) it's right on top of the air intake in front of the throttle valve. If you follow the air intake tube to the motor, the IAC valve will be in the intake manifold right where the air tube meets the manifold. The wiring for the IAC valve comes around behind the throttle cable bracket and plugs into the IAC valve.

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