How do i replace the starter on a 2001 Ford Escape XLT?

Answer I just did this and it wasn't fun. You can't get to the left side bolt. There is a plastic pipe in the way. There are 2 bolts to remove this pipe. Remove the small hose. Remove the top bolt on the plastic pipe. There is another bolt underneth that you can't see. Stick your finger down and feel for it. The front part of the pipe doesn't have any bolts and just pulls out. Now you will be able to get to the bolt on the starter. Pull the back end of the starter up and disconnect the wires. I didn't know about the bottom bolt on the plastic pipe and I broke the pipe. Have fun.

If same as 2003 escape xlt with 3.0L engine try this:

Disconnect car battery (positive first then neutral. Disconnect mass air flow power connector (runs into air filter box) and vacuum line running into snorkel (large rubber hose going from throttle body to air filter box). Remove vacuum hose running just behind air filter box (this gives you room to reach in and pull out old starter). Now, remove air filter box cover and snorkel. Remove the two radiator hoses (north/south) running into large plastic hose connector next to starter (channel locks will work on oem hose clamps). Take a 13mm swivel socket and a couple of extensions and you should be able to get both bolts out without removing anything else. I used a 6 inch extension for front bolt (extension angled low towards driver side front tire) and a 10 inch plus the 6 inch for the rear bolt (extensions angled up and slightly towards steering wheel). Once the two large bolts are out you can pull the starter and turn it so you have easy access to the the nuts holding the power connector on. Once these nuts and washers are off just work the old starter out and reverse instructions to install new one. You will loose a little coolant when hoses are removed so add a little bit to expansion reservoir and let engine run for 20 -30 minutes with top off reservoir (this is to get any air out of system). BE SURE TO CLEAN UP ANY SPILLED COOLANT. You should be done.