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How do i transfer music from iTunes to my ipod?


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October 05, 2009 1:17AM

You plug your ipod into your computer using the USB cord provided. On the left side of your itunes your ipod should show up under "Devices". Make a folder on the same left side by clicking the "Plus Sign" symbol and add the songs you want by dragging them from your library to that list. Click on the ipod name on the left side (which is located under "Devices:) and at the top of the screen there will be options. There is one option called "Music", click that. From there you will see "Playlists" and "Artists". There will be boxes next to each of the playlists. Now find the playlist you just made with the songs you wanted to put on your ipod. Click the box next to that playlist. Once you do this look below to "Apply" and click this. Now itunes will be adding all your new songs onto your ipod. Once the songs have been added just click the eject button next to your ipod name on the left side and you can safely remove your device. Hope this helps.