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well if he doent talk to you that much, it means that he likes you. so if he does talk to you alot it means he doesnt like you that much.

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Talk to him. Let him know everything you like. Be yourself. ;)

You know when a boy doesnt like you anymore when..he doesnt pay attention to youignores your call / doesnt call you at alltexts / flirts with your friendsdoesnt go place with youdisowns you

He totally likes you, but he doesnt know what to do, like.. he doesnt know if you like him, he doesnt know if he should tell his girlfriend he likes someone else.. I can go on and on.. If you like him, tell him, he totally likes you.

if a boy says that he doesnt like you but uou know he does, he does!

Just walk up and start talking. Guys like a girl who is confident.

Because hes scared, or shy. He probley doesnt know wether you like him or not, so he doesnt want to talk to you incase you dont like him and he feels stupid :')

Well he might like you but for some reason he dosent know it. He just gets weird feelings about you

If he doesnt pay attention to you and doesnt really care about talking to you.

you should talk to him and get to know him better and maybe then he will get to know you better and might start to like you. or.. if your not gay you would definitly send him pigs xx

well if he comes around you and acts crazy or acts like he doesnt know you those are sometimes signs that he likes you but you should just ask him out if you like him :)

You should just start talking to her, be nice, compliment her, flirt a little, become her friend, BUT not too good of a friend so she can't think of you as a love interest (be a little bit of a flirty friend). Then when the time is right, tell her you like her, because chances are she might just like you too.

Either because he does like you and he doesn't want you to know his feelings, or because he actually doesn't like you.

say you like him but if you want him to tell you first that he likes you you have to wait if he doesnt say it he doesnt like you or hes just to shy

you need to show him that you exist and that you like him and you need to show him how good you are as a person

if it doesnt take him long to "get done"

If you two are go friends, Then go ahead and ask him who he likes. If he says nobody or you then go ahead and tell him that you like him.


he obviously likes her back and doesnt know what to say or he doesnt like her back and doesnt want to make her mad he obviously likes her back and doesnt know what to say or he doesnt like her back and doesnt want to make her mad

he/she doesnt like you because I DO.

i wish you loved me by tynisha keli

well, just be strait forward with him and tell him you like him the worst thing he could say is he doesnt feel the same and who knows he might feel the same way and just doesnt know how to tell you....

He most likely doesn't like you.

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