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Because hes scared, or shy.

He probley doesnt know wether you like him or not, so he doesnt want to talk to you incase you dont like him and he feels stupid


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That has happened to me a few times. It doesnt always mean that. But maybe he does!

if she looks at you with a smiling face, probably she does. but if she looks at you with an angry face she probably doesnt like you.

she like you and if you like her back ask her out

always looks at you like your a loser or doesnt look at you or even take care about you and he acts as if you are not there. but if he does then he should be looking at you!!

he obviously likes her back and doesnt know what to say or he doesnt like her back and doesnt want to make her mad he obviously likes her back and doesnt know what to say or he doesnt like her back and doesnt want to make her mad

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No of course not! Do you? Well that doesnt matter to me. Anyway he doesnt and it doesnt matter what the girl looks like just as long as you like her for her. And for her attitude for you and others.

well of course he likes you he cant stop looking at you and i bet when he doesnt see you hes always thinking about how beautiful you are!!!

it is an invisible gas, it doesnt look like anything

Not necessarily. Just because someone looks at you it doesnt mean they like you. But never give up hope :) You never know!!! If your feeling brave, go ask them about it

Dope is the one that doesnt talk he looks like this

If he is telling you that he doesnt like you and doesnt do anything to disprove that, like call you, hang with you or make an attempt to be nice to you , then he doesnt.

to make a cute girl like u its not really about looks...its all oabout your personality...if she doesnt like you for that then she doesnt deserve you...since i am a girl i know sometimes i like the looks but usually its all about the girls personality, if she sees the real you then she can get to know you and like you

because the guy might think she doesnt like him and doesnt want to look like a retard

No he doesnt work at popeyes; there is a man that looks like drake that does.

It means he likes you too but he is not sure if you like him so he doesnt know whether to ask you out or what so keep an eye out when he looks at you,you should probaly look back then he might start to get the hint you like him to then he might ask you out good luck

It depends on how he looks at you.... smiley means that he kinda likes you or he is just being nice If he looks into your eyes and looks like hes in la la land then he does like you if he is just randomly looking like if he has a serious face then he doesnt

NO!! He doesnt like you.. the looks he is giving you are to the guy behind you.. he was gay.. he thinks that you are fugly

Looks like it needs a repair.Looks like it needs a repair.Looks like it needs a repair.Looks like it needs a repair.

no if he does then looks away if your staring back then he does

Chocolates... they have always been jealous of cheese

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