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Or if you really want to find out, try asking him this: "What if I was a boy with the same personallity? I know you wouldn't be physically attracted to me, but would you still love me? Or even care about me?" Getting a guy to admit that he would still love you might be a bit too much to ask. He may love you, but not want to admit that he would love you if you were a boy. But if he even says he'd still care about you, then he does love you. If he is the homophobic type, you could replace "boy" with "fat chick" or "quadriplegiac" or something else that he would not be physically attracted to but that wouldn't effect your personality.

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Q: How do know if the man you are dating loves you?
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Who is shelbykampnich dating?

Shelby.kampnich is dating Nicholas.twardeski right know but she likes john DeLuca loves

How do you know that man loves you?

well if he really loves you like he say then youll know he loves you but sometimes depend on their action

How do know if a Capricorn man loves you?

You will know if a Capricorn man loves you because he will eventually show you in some way. Capricorn men tend to be stoic but are very affectionate. You can tell if any man loves you by his actions.

I have been dating a man for 3 months and as this is the longest I have been with someone i want to know how can you tell when it's heading in the right direction?

you can know when because if you really love him and he loves you you can feel it

I have been dating for two month's I know he likes me how do I know if he really loves me?

Two months is not enough time. If you have to ask whether or not he loves you, then he doesn't.

How do you know a man that loves you?

ok ill start here. a man that loves you will always be there for you no matter what. he cares about you and loves you no matter who you are and he loves you no matter what you look like. he doesnt label you for who you are. he loves you no matter what.

How do you know if a blind man loves you?

the exact same way you know if a man who can see loves you a blind man isnt any different than any other man he just cant see

How do you know when a guy loves you?

If a guy loves you he'll talk and look at you and say hi well this is more for crushes not dating

How you can you tell if the man you been dating in prison loves you?

if a man is in prison he is NOT 'dating" you, he is incarcerated, has nothing else to do except write love letters and phone you collect, there is NO future in this relationship.

How do you know if the man you are sleeping with loves you?

He will tell you.

How do you know a man loves you?

you know a man loves you when he tires to do anything and everything for you, he ditches his friends for you, talk on the phone for hours even if it's random stuff, the way he holds you and he kisses you, my boyfriend left everything from his home town to move with me to Wisconsin that's how you know when a man truly loves you

You are in love with a girl and she loves you but at the same time she claims she loves you equal to another man the one that she is dating what are you to do?

get to know her. see what she wants. then try to show her some of the things she wanted and over time. you got a better chance of wining her over.

How should a lady know if a man loves her?

you will feel it....

How do I know that a man truly loves me?

if he calls you everyday and belive in that guy and if he kisses you alot he loves you

How do you know if a girl extremely loves you but cant tell you about her feelings?

If you want to know if a girl like/loves you than... 1 you should be dating if u think she loves you & 2 ask her about her feelings it show you care about her =)

How do you know a Pisces man loves you what are the signs?

You will not know until he tells you or if you ask him.

How do you know if a mistress loves a married man?

She gets jealous

How do you know if an Aries man loves you?

He'll tell you straight out!

What things should you know about your boyfriend after dating for 6 months?

its obvious he loves you or either he's desprate

When the man you love sheds a tear when telling you he loves you?

You know he is good at it.

What is the meaning of the superior man loves quality the small man loves comfort?

be like the man who loves quality

How do you know your boyfriend loves you if he is married?

First of all you shouldn't be dating a married man but if you really love him then the answer to your question is just ask him, be honest and if hes lying to you he will stutter and act suspicios. Then you can bust him. Hope that helps

How do you tell when a man loves you?

Answer Sometimes, you can see it in his eyes even if he is trying to hide his feelings. Otherwise, if a man loves you he will make sure you know at some point.

What is does mean the man you love when he say I hope you know what you meant to me and the love I have for you?

That the man loves u very much and want u to understand that he loves u so much

Does a woman know when a man loves her?

yes. any man can love a woman, but it takes a real man to be truly in love with one.

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