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How do mermaids reproduce?


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August 07, 2013 11:23PM

Since mermaids are fictious creatures, the reproduce in whatever way the person writing aboout them wants them to reproduce. Here are a few suggestions:

because their reproductive system is on the fish half of their body the females lay eggs and the males fertilize them, no intercourse

I think because the upper half of a mermaid has the human part and the lower side is the fish it would only make sense that they would reproduce like dolphins. Having a "cod" scale of a sort. In myth and lore they are spotted in the ocean by sailors. Which only leads one to come to the conclusion that they are coming up for air. Only air breathing animals (IE Mammals) do that. Another reason this maybe a more viable answer is that the females are most times depicted having breasts on their upper half. Means some sort of mammary gland. Again only mammals produce milk to feed their young. Looking at things from this point of view makes things a little more understandable. -Previous answer.

The answer above is partly right, i think they lure sailors and pirates under water, where before they kill them, the mermaids use them to reproduce by using oral sex