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Q: How do niches contribute to speciation?
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What affect do humans have on speciation?

As part of the environment of other organisms humans can have great effects on speciation. Especially adaptive radiation. As we contribute heavily to the extinction of some species other species flow into those open niches and radiate outwards to possible speciation.

How did speciation occur in the anoles of the Caribbean?

Specific ecological niches

What are the geographical barriers that contribute to the process of speciation or natural selection?

Mountains, stuff like that

How did the work of Gregor Mendel contribute to your current understanding of evolution and speciation?

He provided a basic understanding of mechanisms involved in heredity.

What is the relationship between speciation and adaptive radiation?

Adaptive radiation is a rapid form of speciation that takes place when there is a mass immigration to new ecological niches, or a mass extinction of one dominant life form opening up niches for other life forms. Darwin's finches are examples of the former, as they reached the Galapagos Islands as one species and radiated from there into many different species of birds make there living in various ways that called for morphological changes, basically in beak size and shape. The death of the dinosaurs is an example of the latter radiation event. That is when several types of small mammals radiated out into all the niches left open bu the dinosaurs.

What species concept should be used in the apple maggot fly case?

In the case of the apple maggot flies, it is an example of sympatric speciation. Two different populations occur in different niches where there is no gene flow between the two.

Why are allopolyploid hybrids are usually sterile?

The reason that many allopolyploid hybrids are sterile is that Many of these rapid changes may contribute to reproductive isolation and speciation

Niches in the Tundra?

niches of animals in the tundra

Speciation caused by change in the course of a river is an example pf divergent speciation?

Allopatric speciation.

Types of Speciation?

sympatric , allopatric and parapatric speciation

What are dogs niches?

dogs niches are to be loving and kind to their owners

What is the plural of niche?

The plural form of "niche" is "niches."