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Passive aggressive people are usually quiet, have few opinions about anything and detest confrontations of any sort. They would rather have their mate or someone else do their dirty work, and if things go wrong, then the passive-agressive person will blame that person. If you are married to one, or even dating one, they can actually drive you around the bend. In other words, get ready to treat them like children because you aren't going to get too much support in making important decisions and don't count on them re taking care of business. You'll be doing it all! Marcy

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Q: How do passive aggressive people cause problems in a marriage?
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What does it mean for a person to be passive aggressive?

Gandhi was passive aggressive. He "fought" for his cause without using violence. He fasted, and people followed him. In a relationship...I would say being passive aggressive is avoiding conflict by compromising.

How do you deal with passive aggressive?

You can deal with it by controling your emotions. Consider the harmful effect of your actions before you embark.

What is passive aggressive?

A passive aggressive response is a communicative response which can obstruct an interpersonal relationship. It is often sarcastic and inward feeling leading to the receiver trying to reexplain their thoughts or becoming aggressive, passive or assertive. Often a person can become passive aggressive in their personality trait. It should be noted however that all people can reply in a passive aggressive nature even if it is not their nature.

Why are passive aggressive people nice 90 percent of the time and mean 10 percent of the time?

Passive-aggressive behavior is related to suppressed anger. Sometimes their underlying anger shows, and sometimes not.

What do you have to work as to help people with marriage problems?

A marriage counselor or a family attorney can perhaps help in dealing with marriage problems.

Why wife flirts with other men in front husband?

Sometimes it is passive aggressive behavior to manipulate the husband's thoughts and behavior. It is a vicious cycle and both people in the marriage need to resolve it. Certainly the behavior does not reflect well on the spouse.

Who are the people who help with marriage problems?


What does passive aggressive mean and what are examples?

you let things build up and then when you're really angry you blow up. You don't have a middle ground. They call this passive aggressive because you don't seem to show anger at times and then when you do you seem to be very angry. If people would just leave you alone or show respect, you wouldn't have this problem.

What are some descriptive words about people that start with U?

there are different words like handsome pretty fat talkative assertive passive aggressive and some other words that can describe people

How were viking problems solved back then?

The Vikings were traditionally aggressive people towards other nations. Internally, they solved their problems with by talking and coming to various agreements.

What do you call someone who can not lie?

A liar. Everyone can lie. If you are referring to people who insist on telling their version of the truth in all situations, they generally come under the heading of passive-aggressive.

Why do passive aggressive people make you angry?

Because their calm reaction isn't what you expected or they don't act as angry as you do when something bad happens.Actually passive people are not optimistic. Every things seem to be act negative in their sense. Such a people will not be counted as a aggressive in fact. They are mentally disturb or annoyed. Positivity sense is working passively._________________________________________________________________They don't actually 'make' you angry.... you choose to be angry. Think about that.The nature of being passive aggressive is typically deceptive, deceitful, and covertly sabotaging the efforts and productivity of others. Communication usually shuts down and the person puts up brick walls. Sometimes they won't show open hostility, but attack covertly. It often frustrates people because it is difficult to counter or remedysince the person usually makes excuses for their behavior, uses emotional ploys, or is unreasonable in arguments.Sometimes, people become angry at a passive aggressive person becauseyou want to control the situation and be successful when the passive aggressive individual is undermining the progress. Anger can come when there is a desire to control the other person who is being obstinate and unreasonable, but you can notcontrol others.If there are ways toaccomplish the task in spite of the opposition, failure to do so might suggestshort comings in your own abilities, which might then provokefeelings of anger that you direct at others. Instead, anger should not enter into it, and the passive aggressive individual should be confronted in a friendly, but straight forward method to expose the sabotage, the negative affects that it is having, and allowing all parties to express themselves and resolve the problem mutually.

What do you call this when two people are talking negatively about somebody they do not like but use words or make statements meant to be heard by the person they do not like at work?

Passive aggressive behavior--very destructive.

Is it healthy to let a third person solve couples marriage problem without them solving it first?

When a couple is having marriage problems it is wise to choose a marriage counselor, but the two spouses must be in agreement to do so. A marriage counselor is not there to blame either partner for any weaknesses or wrongs they may have done, but to give them the tools to resolve marriage problems that will certainly come up in their marriage. Family and friends can encourage the couple, but neither should try to fix the marriage problems. The spouses in the marriage would not have the problems they do if they had the skills to deal with the problems in the first place. The most important skill to learn in a marriage is good communication skills where two people take time out for each other every evening even if it for a half an hour to an hour and go over any problems they may have without blaming each other or yelling.

Why do people become aggressive?

People can become aggressive when they don't get what they want, someone starts a fight. think, what is something that could make you aggressive?

Are shiba inus aggressive?

They are not aggressive towards people or stranger, but they can be aggressive toward other dogs.

Dog aggressive towards people?

Yes, dog aggressive.

Why do people who claim to love their kitty let their kitty roam freely outside believing that it's ok for the kitty and it's ok with the neighbors?

That's not a question, it's a passive-aggressive attack on people who have indoor/outdoor or outdoor cats.

What are some reasons as to why dolphins are so violent?

Dolphins are hardly violent at all; they are often known to be quite passive and prepared to befriend people. They can get aggressive when necesary to defend themselves, but this is to be expected of any species.

What are symptoms of passive aggressive abuse?

Here are some ways of identifying the problem -- and the way it starts is always the same.. they start to make unkind comments, and then tell you it is a joke or cover it up to make you devalue yourself 1. Passive-aggressive people rarely take a stand. At first they seem very diplomatic and easy to get along with. They never argue and may even seem eager to please. But that's all a front. They don't keep promises, and even if they verbally agree with you, they will do what they want or complain about you behind your back. Or, they will simply shuffle along, and will only act if they are under extreme pressure-like when you finally yell at them or give an ultimatum. 2. Passive-aggressive people are forgetful. It's very difficult to trust or rely on passive-aggressive people. They conveniently forget what they don't want to do. Or, they "punish" you by dropping the ball on an important responsibility, and then apologize profusely so you feel guilty about being disappointed or angry. People also use passive-aggressive behavior if they have trouble dealing with pressure. Instead of asking for help, or setting boundaries and saying no, they agree to everything but do nothing. 3. Passive-aggressive people like to blame others. As far as they're concerned, everything is everybody else's fault. If they can't keep a job, it's because 'the boss was crazy" or "my wife wasn't supportive enough" or "my co-workers were out to get me." They see no reason to change their actions and have no motivation to look for alternatives or opportunities. In fact, passive-aggressive people also tend to carry a lot of resentment and anger ("everyone else ruined my life!") and like to "punish" others for what happened to them. They also put a lot of pressure on others. As they throw a pity party for themselves, you're expected to pick up the slack or to make them feel good about themselves. They can also be very critical, because they prefer seeing the faults of others over admitting their own. 4. Passive-aggressive people suppress feelings. Many of them were raised to hide their feelings. Maybe they were punished when they got angry, or told to "stop crying and act like a man." So they suppress their real emotions, and have a tendency to either suddenly blow up or to get back at you in subtle ways. For example, a wife may not confront her husband about his cheating, but will quietly undermine his relationship with the kids. 5. Passive-aggressive people are afraid commitment and dependency. They are often control freaks. They don't want to admit that they need you or care about you, and usually sabotage relationships. For example, they will find reasons to break up with people, or use ways to retain control over a relationship (such as withholding money, sex or approval) so they don't feel dependent on others. 6. Passive-aggressive people are insensitive to others' needs. Healthy relationships are based on give-and-take, but for passive-aggressive people it's "all about me." They may say "I love you" and appear to be compassionate and concerned, but they either forget to follow through, or continue behavior that they know will upset you, or they make you very, very aware of the "sacrifice" they're making. "Oh, I didn't go to the conference, which could've really helped my career, and I probably won't get the promotion, but that's what you want, right?" 7. Passive-aggressive people procrastinate. They figure out that if they wait long enough, you'll give up and stop bothering them, or youu'll forget the promise they made. They also use procrastination as a way of ignoring problems or avoiding fears. For example, they may find ways to put off a project because they're afraid of failure, or they'll wistfully talk about their dreams but not actually go for them because they want to continue blaming you for "holding them back."

Why should be marriage at the age of eighteen years old?

People should only by able to marry at the age of 18 or above because, mentally younger adults are not ready for marriage. Marriage can be challenging and the older you get, the more likely you can avoid problems in your marriage.

Why people become passive smoker?

People do not normally choose to become passive smokers. People become passive smokers because they have to sit, eat, or live next to someone who smokes. When a non smoker is forced to breathe smoke, the non smoker becomes a passive smoker.

Why do people choose to be aggressive?

There are many reasons people are aggressive. Some grow up with parents who are aggressive and their behavior mimics what they grew up with. Others have a lot of anger. Still others feel more powerful and in control when they are aggressive.

How would you represent two problems of adolescence in pictures?

The first problem is aggressive behaviors. This affects the person and other people too. Other is increase in libido.

Does taking Wellbutrin make you want to fight?

Wellbutrin can bring out aggression in people who are already aggressive, or who have been holding it back. If you are having problems, consult your doctor.