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well, there are many myths but the number one way to become a vampire is to be bitten by a pure blooded vampire.

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Q: How do people get turned into vampires?
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Do people live in parangaricutirimicuaro?

yes vampires do and so do outlaws that get turned into vampires because the vampires bite them.

In twilight eclipse what are newborn vampires?

Recently turned vampires.

Who is more popular vampires or werewolves?

Its all opinion. Some people are into vampires and the idea of blood suckers and others are more turned by animals savagely ripping people apart.

How are vampires known?

That dumb thing called "Twilight", they totally ruined vampires. They turned scary vampires to gay vampires.

What are energy vampires?

Energy vampires are products that consume energy even when they are turned off.

Which two vampires were burned at the stake for witchcraft before being turned into vampires?

James and Victoria

Do vampires hide their fangs?

Yes, but some vampires are "Born" (Turned) Without their fangs and get their Vampiric DNA from the true root vampires.

Did vampires came from hell?

of course not! They used to be just regular people like you and me, but then they were bitten by a vampire and turned into one.

Are vampires people?

In stories, vampires were people before they became vampires. In reality, no, nor visa versa. There are some people who pretend to be vampires, but this does not make them vampires.

Can vampires turned to fishes?

It has not be known Being fictional vampires can do anything the author says they can do in their fictional setting.

Are vampires real things or people?

Vampires are not real. There are people who think they are vampires, but they have a problem.

Can people create vampires?

No, only vampires can make new vampires

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