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Step 1: go to Google.

Step 2: Search your answer.

Step 3: Done.

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because people will always cheat to win. let the n00bs be n()obs.

Pros: of technology is that it is easy to get information easier or technology wise you can do bills online,get maps,shop. Cons: it can be easier for kids to cheat during school or technology wise that there are always ways to get hacked,plenty of error out there for new technology.

There is no cheat codes for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

hey people from the Cornerstone School don't cheat!

It changed the way people can cheat because people are more secure over the internet just like text messaging. And with all the new technology and dating websites people get curious. You dont have to go out of your home to cheat sendind inappropriate messages and IM'S can ruin a relationship

There are no cheat codes that I know of for Modern Warfare 2.

There is no cheat codes for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

you can only cheat in high school if the magical rainbow unicorns tell you to.

people tend to cheat in school because they are lazy and don't feel like doing the work for most occasions.Or they just want to get them right from the smart students.They sometimes want to check it from the smart students.

Ethics are your value system. They include whether or not you steal, lie, cheat or you are an honest, decent person. Technology are inventions that assist people with a lot of daily functions (eg. medical technology, television, autos, etc).

You can't cheat on it, sorry.

Theres No Cheat Code, You Have To Hack It!

no there isn't any cheat codes for call of duty modern warfare 4

Figure it out your self. And Bailey don't cheat!!

You are using technology right now to cheat on some sort of test...

theres no cheat, you can earn it by completing the challenges for the pistols .

I am not really sure but i thing there is alot of good & smart people in the school this why must of the people they go like !! Ohhh man i have a test tomorrow i dont have to study i am going to cheat

There are no cheats in Modern Warfare 2. Sorry.

There aren't any cheats in Modern Warfare 2, there is only modz

People could cheat easier, call/text quickly to get signed out of school, get on inappropriate websites at school through there phone, downloading, and other reasons why mobile phone are banned in school.


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