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1) Remove two bolts from front edge of bottom cushion, one in center of each passenger seat position. 2) Lift front edge of seat up releasing to guides going up behind rear seat cushion and remove bottom seat cushion. 3) Remove one screw from passenger side rear seat back. 4) Remove one screw from passenger side rear seat back. 5) Open center seat armrest, open pass through, lift cover to expose two screws and remove. 6) Lift rear seat cushion straight up, releasing latches from hooks. (This may be difficult, you may find you will start on one side not being able to release the other, push the original side down and start at the opposite side, it just had to be loosened.) 7) Pull center brake light from bracket, release connector. Be sure to feed this connector back through panel when replacing. 8) Lift rear deck panel up releasing clips and pull toward front of car to remove panel. 9) Remove screws securing car stereo speakers to to rear deck.

pics on the following page:

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Q: How do remove rear speakers on a 99 Altima?
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How do you I replace rear speakers in a 99 mercury villager?

You will need to remove the inner panels to gain access.

How do you remove rear speakers on a 99 Nissan Altima?

AnswerYou need to take the back seat out, and remove the third brake light and the cardboard pannel, and it will lift out.Try to use the Nissan speaker adapters plugs so you don't need to cut wires and mess up the electric system, you can get those from eBay or amazon.

How do you get into the rear speakers in a 99 Daewoo Lanos hatch to change them?

Access to they speakers is obtained by removing the rear deck lid sill plate cover. -lower the folding rear seatback -remove the center high mount stoplamp (if equipped with one) -remove the child seat tether anchor (again-if so equipped) -remove the plastic retaining clips on the deck lid sill plate cover and the speakers are right there.

What size are the rear speakers in 99'sliverado extended cab?


What size speakers are in a 99 ford f150 supercab?

Both the front door speakers and the speakers in the rear are standard Ford 6"x8".

What size speakers does a 99 ford zx2 have?

'99 Ford Escort ZX2: 6.5" front, 6x8" rear

How do you remove rear bumper from 1999 Ford Taurus?

Remove rear bumper on 99 ford tarrus

What size speakers are in the rear doors of a 99 Chevy Silverado?

4 x 6

Where can i find front speakers for my 99' Chevrolet Malibu?

they are 4x6. they are on the door. the rear are 6x9s

What size door and rear speakers do you have in your 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

the 96 thru 99 tahoes have the same size speakers. the rear door speakers are also 6 1/2" but you haveto be carefull with them because they are shallow mount speakers and not all 6 1/2 will fit because mounting depth is to much. Not sure if it is the same on 99 but the 96 has 6 1/2" in the front doors and 4x10" located in the headliner in the rear of the vehicle.

How do you remove rear speakers in a 2003 Buick century?

I have a 99 century limited(leather seats) on which i replaced both rear speakers, and I believe the 2003 model would be almost identical. It may be a bit of a stretch, so I would do some more research, but i know for my 99, i had to take the seat apart to get the speakers out. You CANNOT get to them through the trunk or by removing the speaker grilles, because the grilles are riveted/glued in place and are not designed to be detachable. I have a detailed, step-by-step how-to for getting everything apart under the question, = How do you remove 1999 Buick Century Limited rear deck speakers that apparently are now defective because the bass is now buzzing with distortion in both? = so everything you need should be there. hope that helps!

What size speakers were stock on 1999 civic?

different models have different layouts , sizes etc but a 99 hatch back has 13cm door speakers and standard 6x9 inch in the rear

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