How do remove the factory stereo in a 2001 Subaru legacy L?

I just replaced the stereo in my '02 wagon and it wasn't as easy as I would have liked. Assuming you're familiar with replacing stereos in general, here's how to get to it: 1. Carefully pop the trim piece off that's around the gear shift. You don't want to break the plastic or tear the shift surround, but it comes off pretty easily. 2. Open arm rest and remove two screws in the front of the storage compartment and two up near the shifter, then lift that whole center console (not the armrest) out. You may have to do some strange manipulations to get it out around the shifter surround. 3. Now for the fun. Remove the ashtray and there are two screws holding it in. You can't see them very easily, but if you feel around you can find them. Take these out and you should be able to remove the mounting bracket for the ashtray. 4. Now you should be able to pry off the trim around the stereo/ashtray/storage bins. If you have trouble, be on the lookout for hidden screws, but I think this is all you have to take out. 5. With the trim off, you'll see two screws on either side of the cage that holds the stereo and storage bins, plus two underneath. Remove these and the whole thing will come out. Mine was stuck in a little, but was easily persuaded out. It may be easier to work if you unhook the power clip on the back of the cigarette lighter, then let the trim piece hang off to the passenger side. 6. AT this point you can unhook the antenna (on the left, rear of the stereo) and the wiring harness (on the right, rear). 7. REmove the four screws that hold the stereo in and it should slide right out of the cage. I am describing this all from memory, so take care to make sure you remove all screws so that you don't break any trim pieces. Good luck.