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From my experience you can't remove it from the top, (the starter is located in the back of engine near the bottom side firewall). I think you replace it from the bottom up, that is it should be accessed using some kind of lift.

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โˆ™ 2007-10-15 21:07:41
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Q: How do remove the starter in a 95 geo prism?
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95 geo prism starter?

Yes it should have one located on the backside of the motor, under the intake.

How do you change oil in 95 Geo prism Where is the oil pan in 95 Geo Prism?

it is right under the motor. it will be black with a bolt sticking out on the botom of it.

What is the proper oil for 93 geo prism?

I use 5w-30 in my 95.

Ihave no heat in your 95 Geo Prism. could it be the thermostat?

probly the blower motor

Where is the starter relay on a 1997 Geo Tracker?

How cha~ge oil tra~smisio~ of a geo tracker 95

How do you remove 95 Izuzu Trooper starter?

How do I get the starter out after I dropped it

Does a 95 Chevy Geo prism have just a fuel filter or a fuel pump also?

It has both

How do you remove shift knob from 95 Geo Tracker?

hack saw

How do you remove the differential on a 95 Geo prizm 3 speed automatic?

remove intire trannie

Will a 95 geo prism enging with a 1.6 dohc engine fit into a geo storm with a 1.6 sohc including the transmission and what would i have to change?

it can be done but you will have to change all of ur wirring harness from the prism because the prism is basically a Toyota and a storm is a izuzu impulse knockoff

Would a 95 Toyota Corolla egr valve fit a geo prism?

The Geo Prism and Toyota Corolla were assembled in the same factory on the same assembly line using the same engines. The EGR valves should be virtually identical.

How do you replace starter 95 Honda Accord?

Remove the negative battery terminal from the battery first, then remove the wires from the back of the starter. Now remove the two bolts holding the starter in and remove the starter. Reverse these steps for installation.

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