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They develop when tissues start building up. It is harmless, but sometimes it's a sign of skin cancer.

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Q: How do skin moles develop?
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Do people with moles live longer?

No. In fact some moles may develop into skin cancer.

What is commonly known as moles which are small dark skin growths that develop from melanocytes in the skin?


Atypical moles that can develop into skin cancer are known as?

dysplastic nevi

What is the medical term meaning atypical moles that can develop into skin cancer?

dysplastic nevi

Are moles benign?

Most moles are benign, but atypical moles (dysplastic nevi) may develop into malignant melanoma, a potentially fatal form of skin cancer. Atypical moles are usually hereditary.

Why does the mole occur in the body?

Moles occur when cells in the skin grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. These cells are called melanocytes, and they make the pigment that gives skin its natural color. Moles may darken after exposure to the sun.A few of these moles, called congenital melanonaevi, are usually present at birth. But most develop spontaneously or are caused by exposure to sunlight and tend to appear on those areas of the skin that catch the most sunlight. Most of these moles appear during the first 20 years of life, although they may continue to develop into the 30s and 40s

Where do people usually get moles?

what does skin moles look like and where can u get them

In which part of the skin will you see moles?

the the skin you may find moles on your hand , arms ,backs, legs, neck, ect.

Do moles grow on bones?

Moles only grow on skin, not on bones. Bones do have their own irregularities, but not moles.

What are signs of skin cancer?

The most apparent sign of skin cancer is the appearance of irregular moles. These moles are asymmetrical, have fuzzy edges, and can change shape while regular moles do not.

Is there a skin care product that removes moles?

Moles have to removed with a surgical procedure.

How do you get moles?

You get moles by how the melanin in your skin is transported throughout your body. In some cases, the melanin can create small clusters in your skin, known as the mole. In rare cases, a mole can be cancerous but moles can disappear as you age. There is no known reason as to why moles are formed or their purpose.

How does cancer begin to develop?

well, some is just genetics and a doctor can check you out. If you are exposed to sun often, you are more likely to get skin cancer. I read that if you have odd colored moles on your skin, it could mean you have cancer. Hope this helps !~;)

Will sun bring beauty marks?

Yes. These are also known as moles, and can develop into skin cancer if no sunscreen is used. For this reason, it is recommended that you don't try to deliberately get "beauty spots".

Can any make up hide moles?

Most makeup can hide moles and skin blemishses.

What are moles that can develop into malignant melanoma?

Squamous cell carcinoma

What moles that can develop into malignant melanoma?

basal cell carcinomas

What cause freckles and moles?

Freckles are caused by the melanocytes of that particular patch of skin to produce more melanin than the surrounding skin usually due to UV radiation exposure. Moles are actually considered tumors as they are abnormal skin growths. Most moles are caused by mutations of a given skin cell but are not usually dangerous.

Moles are spots on the skin that contain extra?


What are small skin growths that develop from melanocytes in the skin?


Is honey good for your skin?

Not sure but it supposedly get rid of moles.

Why are moles afraid of light?

They're sensitive to their shed of skin

How do you get rid of skin flaps and moles?

You can go to your dermatologist and he/she will remove it for you.

Who has the skin stronger the girls or boys?

Skin is skin. There are no differences based on sex. Men tend to develop tougher skin because many work in rougher environments, but women can develop this same tough skin.

what is the cause of a skin legion?

Skin lesions can occur from minor skin irritations such as freckles, moles, or can be from a number of causes such as aging, injury, or cancer.