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Spiders see things in low resolution and have poor eyesight. The usually respond to vibrations felt from their webs or the environment around them, or by touch.

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Do spiders see all around?

yes spiders see all around but they can see clearly that much

Can camel spiders see?

spiders have compound eyes

What are spiders eyes for?

To see with.

Do spiders see well?


Do spiders see out of their eyes?

yes, they do see of their eyes

Can spiders see in the dark?

No. Spiders have eye site just like you. If u cant see in the dark neither can a spider

Are spiders eyes sensitive to light?

Oh yes, spiders' eyes are sensitive to light. That what eyes are, in any species, they are organs that are sensitive to light. Spiders do not see as well as people do, but they do see.

What are the venomous spiders in Connecticut?

all of them. spiders are creatures from hell. if you see one, RUN.

Can you see photos of spiders?

No.. Mine doesn't let me see pictures of spiders either.. maybe the person who made it was scared of them so blocked them..?

What is a poem about spiders?

Here is a poem:SpidersSpiders are curious insects to see,Their webs are really neat.But how do they weave them elaborately,When all they have is feet?

Does wasp spiders live in England?

Yes, they do.See the Related Link for more information about these spiders.

Why do you see more spiders than flies?

Because spiders love snacks. If you know what I mean....

What are the Different kinds of spiders?

Japanese spiders black window spider.. Red spider mouse spider plain spiders.. Those are some kind of different spiders if you want to see all spiders put in the box check list spiders.

Do spiders and insects have lungs?

yes i see in?

What does it mean when you constantly see spiders?

it means that if you see a spider you have to kill it

Why did nasa take spiders into space?

Spiders were brought up on Skylab 3(in '70s) to see if simple animals could adapt to an unfamiliar environment. Turns out, they could. After a few days the spiders managed to spin passable webs. Spiders were brought on STS-107 to see if different spiders could do the same thing.

Can a spider see?

yes a spider can see everybody knows that spiders have eyes so they can see.And if you don't believe me get a spider and get a microscope and see the spiders eye oh yeah i went there

What kind of spiders carry the babies on their back?

I know wolf spiders do for sure, you can see pics of this when you type it into Google.

Do both spiders and insects have an exoskeleton?

Yes, you can see it particularly on small dead spiders, they go kind of transparent.

Are yellow spiders poisonous?

The Yellow Sac Spider is. (See link below) Most yellow garden spiders are not.

Why should you care for spiders?

Do not care for spiders or else they will attack you. If you see a spder throw a near-by rock at it and run.

Can spiders see humans?

no humans are invisible to spiders...haven't you seen spiderman? he cleary can't see anyone. also Mary Jane is quite fit rofl

What is a spiders home like?

Last time I checked, spiders make their homes out of the common webs that we see everyday. Unless you mean trap door spiders, who make their homes out of holes in the ground. Last time I checked, spiders make their homes out of the common webs that we see everyday. Unless you mean trap door spiders, who make their homes out of holes in the ground.

Spider with diamonds on its back?

Female hobo spiders appear to have diamonds on their back. Google Hobo spiders and see if that is what you are refering to.

Do spiders eat aphids?

No they i have two spiders in my container with aphids inside and i've waited to see if they'll eat them but they have so no :)