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our eyes are attracted to the object so it follows it. example: have you ever stared at something while riding in a car and stared at it and couldn't keep your eyes off of it?

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Q: How do the eyes move?
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Do your eyes move in your sleep?

Your eyes move in your sleep to keep lubricated.

How do eyes move?

Because they move

What does it mean when you can see someones eyes move in their sleep?

If peoples eyes move they are woke

Can owls move their eyes to the right or left?

Yes, owls can move their eyes in any direction, like we can, but with humans we can move our eyes about 80 degrees in any direction, whereas owls can only move their eyes abot 40-50 degrees in any direction

Why hearing a noise as you move your eyes?

I was told that hearing noises when I move my eyes could be from Lupus flare.

Can owls move their eyes?

No, they can't. Their eyes are stuck to their sockets.

How do poriferans move?

with their eyes!

What would cause you to be able to hear your eyes move?

"SUPERIOR CANAL DEHISCENCE" can cause you to hear your eyes move.

What freshwater fish moves its eyes?

All fish can move their eyes.

What lizard can move can move his eyes at the same time?

They chameleon can move each of its eyes in a different direction than the other eye, aswell as many other lizards that can do this

Can cats move their eyes?


How do snails respond?

They move there eyes

What kind of tissues move your eyes?

There are muscles attached to the eye that move them.

When you make a move what would you do after kissing?

look at him/her in the eyes and smile with your lips and eyes

What color eyes does tintin have in the new move?

Tintin have green eyes in the movie.

How can you spread your eyes?

I am not sure what you mean by "spread your eyes." If you mean to move location the answer is no.

What lizard can move its eyes in two different directions at the same time?

Chameleons can move their eyes independently of each other.The only family of reptiles/lizards that can move their eyes in two different directions are chameleons. Any type of chameleon can do this.

Are chameleons the only lizard that can move both eyes in different directions?

yes it is. it is the only reptile able to move its eyes at 360 degrees

What is unique in crayfish eyes?

The crayfish's eyes can move and most of the time , it is to protect the eyes so it moves into a "case".

Why cant owls move their eyes?

Birds have larger eyes in relation to their body mass than most animals. The eyes fill the eye sockets. Most birds, including owls, cannot move their eyes because a sclerotic ring fixes the eye to the orbit. For birds whose eyes can move, the eyes also occupy a larger space in the birds skulls limiting the eye movement.

Do illusions move?

yes illusions move it look like its gleaming in your eyes.

Which reptile can move its eyes individually?


Do guinea pigs eyes move?


What is your name you have no legs and no eyes but can move?

A worm?

Do lizards eyes move?

yes. chamelion's do.