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it helps alot of the issues

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Q: How do the federalists arguments in support of government power reflect issues facing Americans today?
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How did president Jefferson inaugural address reflect his belief about government?

In President's Jefferson's inaugural address he did reflect his belief about government by saying we "are all Republicans and we are all Federalists."

How should the federal government budget to reflect Americans priorities?

By making an effort to service it's national debt and by putting an end to its military misadventures across the globe.

How does the constitution reflect principle of limited government?

The government only has the powers given to it by the Constitution.

What are the arguments against the electoral college?

The biggest argument against the electoral college is that the electoral vote does not always reflect the preference of the majority of the population.

What does Robert E. Lee's Letter to his son reflect about Americans view in the 1860?

What does Robert E. Lee's "Letter to His Son" reflect about Americans' views in the 1860s? A. Some Americans felt more loyalty to their state than to the United States. B. True patriots were willing to sacrifice their lives for their country. C. People rarely identified themselves as Americans.

All the laws of the government reflect the policies of the majority party?

it is false

How does the constitution reflect the fear of a strong central government?

No one CARES!

In what way does India's government reflect the principle of separation of powers?

Somehow. -Anonymous

What was the difference between the federalist and the democratic party?

Federalists wanted to support England and also wanted a strong and powerful government, a national bank, and a loose interpretation of the Coast. The Democratic-Republicans wanted to support France and also wanted a small federal government, no national bank, and a strict interpretation of the Coast.

What did the anti-federalists stand for?

TheAnti - Federalists stood for a strong state government and either a weaker or equal national government thus the supremacy clause contradicted the anti - federalist view of government. They believed that Congress's limitless power to tax that is found in Constitution would infringe on the citizen's rights. Also they believed that the national government should not be allowed to have a standing army in times of peace. Lastly, the necessary and proper clause worried the anti - federalists because this gave power an unlimited source of power that some founders were afraid would be abused. Basically, the anti - federalist's had reasonable reservations about the ratification of the Constitution.

How did the Holocaust reflect US society?

The Holocaust did not reflect US society; it occurred in Eastern Europe, far from US soil, and was perpetrated by a completely different government.

How does Roosevelt early political career reflect his ideas on the role of government?

Roosevelt was interested in fighting corruption and reforming government (novanet)