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Q: How do trees control noise polution?
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Is there a positive effect in noise pollution?

No.. Polution

How trees control noise pollution?

Trees muffle urban noises and abate noises from airports and freeways.

What might you be able to do to ruduce watershed polution?

Plant trees.

What are some human enviorment interactions in Paris?

they have lots of trees and lots of air polution

What are the disadvantages of crackers on Diwali night?

The disadvantages of crackers are the huge noise, accidents caused by crackers and the polution in the city.

How do trees help in checking noise pollution?

The sound travels in waves. The leaves of trees create an interference ito these waves of the noise. Thus, they muffle the intensity of the noise.

What is the threat of the everglades?

1. litter 2. global warming 3. polution 4. cutting down trees

What can you do to control noise?

we can control noise by avoiding loudspeakers and loud noises

How are noise pollution can be reduced?

Noise pollution can be reduce by planting more trees,because the main function of trees are to absorb and protect the noise made by the people.Minimize using of defective engines.

How does the rainforest change over a year?

people can change it by polution and people can cut down trees and animals can die or be hunted

Steps to control noise pollution?

1) By growing more and more trees along the road. 2) By minimizing the use of loudspeakers and radios ect.

What do courteous pwc operators always do?

control speed,noise, and wake

How are the humans destroying rain forests?

they live there and cause polution and cut down trees and kill animals by cutting down the trees people don't have enouh oxygen and we will all die.........hahahahahaha

Deforestation erosion and pollution caused by tourism?

Many trees are cut down to build resorts and people litter to make polution

How does quarrying affect people?

noise polution sound can cause cracks in houses can cause rumbling sort of lie an earthquake

What is sound polution?

Sound pollution is any loud noise that annoys someone. Sound pollution might happen in a larger city where there is a lot of construction going on.

How do trees block out noise?

Trees are sound barriers... Sound or noise travels in waves through the air... When the noise is travelling the tree sort of comes into its way n thus, it reduces and impedes the sound.. A well placed tree can reduce upto 40% of the noise..

The control of noise and the vibrations that cause noise?

Resonance is the answer.

What are the importance of noise pollution?

It is important to control noise pollution in major urban areas. Whether it's construction noise during the daytime or noise from nightlife, citizens value a noise-free community. It's important for cities to take the appropriate measures to control their noise pollution.

What causes car polution?

if you mean what does car polution cause it causes carbon polution into the atmosphere

When was noise prevention and protection act came?

The Noise Control Act was issued in 1972 in the United States. There does not seem to be a Noise Control and Protection act that was issued in the United States.

What are the ratings and certificates for Noise Control - 2003?

Noise Control - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG

What has the author J T Shrader written?

J. T. Shrader has written: 'Truck noise IV G' -- subject(s): Noise, Noise control, Trucks, Motors (Diesel) 'Truck noise, IV-A' -- subject(s): Noise, Noise control, Trucks

What are the effect of polution?

pollution effects the forest by polluting plants and also polluting the trees and making it hard for animals to live there. it kills trees and plants making forests less green and less of them. add me on xbox live kickass55599663

What has the author Lewis H Bell written?

Lewis H. Bell has written: 'Industrial noise control' -- subject(s): Industrial noise, Noise control, Vibration