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How do u know when a guy likes you?

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September 05, 2014 7:20PM

He calls you, bugs you, and desparately tries to hang out with

you. Based on my experience, I think you should wait for him to

come to you. If you hunt down a guy you will only get hurt in the

end, or end up feeling overwhelmed eventually. It is not natural

for a girl to hunt a guy, unless you want to be a cougar. Also, try

to get to know someone before you date them - try to see what kind

of feelings you develop. Perhaps you may have feelings for a friend

now? If so, maybe you should tell them...ever so slightly. Just

never be too aggressive or needy, because it's a major turn off.

Always play hard to get, and always stay in the game. Keep yourself

interesting to keep him interested.

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