How do u say bye in french?

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Au revoir, or see you soon abientot

How do you say good-bye in French?

Goodbye is au revoir in French, pronounced "oh ruh-vwar".. Good bye in French is 'au revoir, salut, à la prochaine, à bientôt'

How do you say bye in french?

Of course the standard way to say goodbye in French is au revoir -- "oh r(ee)-vwar" (sounds in parentheses are optional) But there are many informal variations, such as

How Do U Say Bye In Russia?

phonetically, dasvydanya Really written - До свидания

How do you say take care and bye in french?

" Au revoir, et prenez soin de vous " or " Au revoir, et faites attention à vous " when you address to someone you barely knew, you're not close with, or when you address s