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The only thing that a virus does is to get inside a host cell and reproduce. It is not considered a living organism and do not need nutrition.

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Viruses do not need nutrition, they only need a host cell, such as a human, which is a living organism. They only use the hosts(living organisms) to reproduce and to produce many copies of itself.

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they do not need nutrition

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Q: How do viruses gain their nutrition?
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What is the mode of nutrition in viruses?

Viruses don't feed themselves so there is no mode of nutrition. They are parasites.

What is the mode of nutrition of viruses?

As we all know that viruses is not considered as living things, So it do not need nutrition.

How do viruses obtain nutrition?

From the host cell. They do not have a metabolism outside of the cell

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Which animals gain their nutrition solely from plants?


How do you use nutrition in a sentence?

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How are the common ailments of the respiratory system caught?

by means of viruses,, and also unhealthy nutrition..

Can you gain nutrition from sperms if you eat it?

Yeah, there is a lot of zinc an calcium.

Why do viruses multiply in cells?

What viruses do is they are not living, so they use the cell's life to 'reproduce'. They take all of the cell's nutrition and use that to multiply. Then the cell is dead, and the viruses go on to take over more cells.

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This is not how nutrition works. Where you gain weight... if you gain weight... has more to do with heredity than with what specific foods you eat.

What is the advantage of viruses?

Hackers use viruses to gain information about people they infect the virus with. This includes valuable pictures, contacts, and more.

How do bacteria and viruses take in glucose as nutrition?

Bacteria take glucose through food or photosynthesis.Virus do not get glucose.

What one of the 7 life processes can viruses not do?

VIruses can only reproduce. They can not respire, excrete, nutrition, grow, they don't have sensetivity either. Remember: viruses still are living things because they have genes in them.:) hope it helped. thanks! :P

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I found Lindberg Nutrition Pink Pack caused me and two friends to gain weight. In fat or in muscle?

True or false Can some viruses have a membranous envelope surrounding their protein coat and the envelope helps the viruses gain entry into host cells?


Do some viruses have a membrane envelope surrounding their protein coat?

Yes, this is true, some viruses have a membranous envelope surrounding their protein coat, and the envelope helps the viruses gain entry into the host cells.

Where does a virus live?

Viruses live almost everywhere around us in places such as the soil and air.Different viruses may infect plants,animals or even bacteria .Viruses try to gain access to the machinery in the cell in order to make more viruses.

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You have to balance your nutrition or you will gain weight or lose too much it is a healthier lifestyle to balance out your meal a watch the intake of calories you consume a day.

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What is the mode of nutrition of kingdom monera?

The Kingdom Monera is comprised of single celled bacteria and other single celled organisms. These organisms gain nutrition from small sugars such as glucose.

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It provides nutrition to the plants, the plants provide food for the animal part of the chain, animals eat the plants (that includes humans) and gain nutrition.

How do unicellular organisms obtain their water and nutrition?

Unicellular organisms generally use osmosis to gain water.

Are viruses autotrophic or heterotrophic?

Neither. They simply enter cells and reproduce, they do not need nutrition. This is one reason they are not considered truly alive.

What does VIRUS eat?

A virus uses the metabolism of its host cell for its reproductive needs. Viruses need no nutrition themselves, as they are not living organisms.

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Proper nutrition--get enough protein and calcium; consult with a health professional.

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