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How do we get our last names?

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Last names were developed to help identify people. As the population grew and it became easier to travel, it was easy to get confused about who you were talking about. So they would add identifiers, such as John, the Fletcher, or John who lives in Blackwood, or John James' son. Eventually the extra words were removed and they were referred to as John Fletcher, John Blackwood and John Jameson.

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What are some colonial last names for girls?

There aren't "last names for girls" and "last names for boys." Its just last names. For the first names there are names for different genders, but not for the last names. Some last names are: Zamora, Smith, Turner, Williams

How do orphans get their last names?

they get their last names by their orphaned parents last names.

In Kingdom Hearts what are the main characters last names if they do have last names?

Possibly Sora Sterling Their other last names are unknown

In Kingdom Hearts what is Sora's last name?

NothingSora, Kairi, and Riku do not have last names. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I would say that it is not that they don't have last names, it is that their last names are currently unknown.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I agree, but it is a possibility that they might not even have last names.

What are some colonial last names l last names?


In the book Friedrich what are the last names of the family?

their last names are Schneiders.

What are Temari and Gaara and kankuro's last names?

Their last names are Subaku.

What are 15 Ecuadorian last names?

Any Spanish last names

What are Carrie Underwood's sisters last names?

Their last names are not known, but their first names are Shanna and Stephanie

What is Bert and Ernie's last names?

Neither Bert nor Ernie weren't given last names, so nobody knows what their last names are.

How did you get your last names?

You got your last names because they originated in Spain. In Spain, they got there last names by whatever their occupation was. For example, if your last name is Bacon, you were probably a pig herder.

What is hades's last name?

Hades has many different names, but he does not have a last name. He is older than last names.

How do Romeo and Juliet feel about their last names?

they do not like there last names because their family is in a fued and if they would have just had diffrent last names then they could be together

What are the last names of the Jonas brothers in the new series Jonas?

There Last Names Are Jonas!

Italian last names?

italian last names like fugno castano valastro

What are the kids' last names in My Babysitter's a Vampire?

The last names for Ethan and Jane is Morgan, Benny's last name is Weir and characters such as Rory, Erica and Sarah have not had their last names revealed.

What is Plural of last name?

last names

Do fairies have last names?

Yes, fairies have last names. Normally first ad last names associate with their talent. Earth fairies are often named after flowers or trees, like Ebony or Daisy. Last names are the same, they will be Earthy names for Earth fairies, water names (river, brooks) for water fairies, fire names for fire fairies (blaze, inferno).

What is Sacajaweas last name?

Native Americans did not have last names. We were only given last names when European contacts forced them onto us-so they were Anglicized names such as "John" and "Williams". Sacagawea did not have a last name.

What are all of the presidents names and last names?


What are the last names of the Inuyasha characters?

Well Inuyasha ,Sango and miroku don't tell you their last names but Kagome's last name is Higirashi

What information do Latin American last names provide?

both parents last names. instead of just using your dads last name they use both last names of both parents. looked it up in my text book

Need a list of Hawaiian last names?

There are many common last names that are used in Hawaii. Here is a short list of Hawaiian last names; Kihike, Kalakona, Mossman, Gutierres, and Haiku.

What are the names of actresses whose last names start with M?

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Where do you get last names from?

From your parents