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How do we use electricity?

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2011-05-22 09:11:20

We use electricity in many home appliances such as toasters, TV,

stove, oven etc. Without electricity, we wouldn't have much

fun and we'd have to cook on logs like the pioneers!


We use electricity in many things in our homes: electric lights,

home appliances such as toaster, microwave, fridge, tv, washer,

dryer, etc.

Also we use electricity in our cars (and trucks) which need the

electricity stored in on-board batteries. The battery is used to

supply electricity to the starter motor which first makes the

engine turn so that it can run on its own fuel (gas or diesel).

Electricity is then used to recharge the battery, to drive the fuel

pumps - which supply the engine with more fuel from the fuel tank -

to power the lights, etc.

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