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We use electricity in many home appliances such as toasters, TV, stove, oven etc. Without electricity, we wouldn't have much fun and we'd have to cook on logs like the pioneers!


We use electricity in many things in our homes: electric lights, home appliances such as toaster, microwave, fridge, tv, washer, dryer, etc.

Also we use electricity in our cars (and trucks) which need the electricity stored in on-board batteries. The battery is used to supply electricity to the starter motor which first makes the engine turn so that it can run on its own fuel (gas or diesel). Electricity is then used to recharge the battery, to drive the fuel pumps - which supply the engine with more fuel from the fuel tank - to power the lights, etc.

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Q: How do we use electricity?
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How do industries use electricity?

Industries use electricity for gas.

Why do people use electricity?

People Use Electricity For Phones, Computers And Mostly For Light People Use Electricity Everyday, We Need Electricity To Live The Life We Live Today.

What is the most important use for electricity?

The most important use for electricity is to use the internet

Do you use use electricity a lot?

we use electricity a lot because we use it for the lights and refridgerator,etc.

How much electricity does a toaster use?

it does not use as much electricity as a xbox 360

How do hospitals use electricity?

Hospitals don't use electricity except computers.

Do animals use electricity?

Yes animals do use electricity in fact everybody does

Which was the first thing to electricity?

your question makes no sense, to USE electricity? GENERATE electricity? I think to use.

What will happen if you use too much electricity?

The more electricity that you use will cost you more money to use it.

How much electricity does a train need everyday?

Trains don't use electricity it uses coal trams use however electricity.

How can schools use less electricity how much electricity does a school use per day?

14 electricity bolts per hour.

When did the Victorians first use electricity?

the Victorians didn't use electricity but the light bulb did and it was the only thing that did. electricity

What did people first use for electricity?

they didn't use electricity they used other things

What countries do not use electricity?

All countries use electricity to a greater or lesser extent.

How much electricity do tanning beds use?

They use about 1200 watts of electricity, which is a LOT!

Does a light bulb use gas or electricity?


Do windmills use electricity or give electricity?


Does electromagnet produce electricity or use electricity?

It doesn produce electricity. It uses electricity and shows magnetic properties.

Does electricity cause pollution?

no not directly but the creation of electricity can be a telling factor as is the use of electricity

How do you use electrycity in home?

You use electricity at home to keep appliances running so you can cook and do laundry. Your computer uses electricity. You use electricity for lights and water in your home.

How do you consume electricity?

Electricicty is consumed when hooked to something which turns electricity into something else. A lamp turns electricity into light, and use something up in the process. A fridge use electricity to cool its insides, and use some of it up. A fan use electricity to move air around, and some of it is used up.

How can we encourage other people to use electricity?

Why would you want to do that? "Using electricity" should never be a goal in an of itself. Using electricity has costs, both in money, and ecological.You would want to use electricity if it serves some useful purposes - basically, you use DEVICES that use electricity, because they do something useful for you.

Does a lamp use electricity when it is turned off?

A standard lamp will not use any electricity when it is off.

How do cell phones use electricity?

cell phones use electricity by the electrical wires outside

What does a battery use to produce electricity?

Batteries use up elements/charges they have to produce electricity

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