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How do you Make a Grand Piano?

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with your hands

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What is the difference between a grand piano and a piano?

Mainly the size of the piano is what makes it a grand or baby grand piano. The legal grand piano, I believe, is seven feet.

What is the biggest piano?

I assume you are asking this refering to commercially available pianos rather than a world record breaking piano. A concert Grand piano is the biggest piano Concert Grand Piano Grand Piano Baby Grand Piano Upright Piano

What is a baby grand?

Baby grand is a size of piano.

Is there an upright piano that has sound as good as a grand piano?

No, nothing can compare to a grand piano.

Is there any difference between a grand piano and an upright piano?

A grand piano has the strings laying flat and an upright piano has them vertical. A grand piano will produce a richer sound also.

What is the difference between a grand and a baby grand piano?

Perhaps the baby grand piano is smaller. How about the shape? I am trying to find a picture of a Grand Upright Bunsen Piano

Are grand and bosendorfer piano different?

Yes they are. Bosendorfer piano has 97notes while grand piano has 88notes.

What did Bartolomeo Christofori use to make the grand piano?

his hands wierdo!

What is the difference between the concert piano and baby grand piano?

The concert piano doesn't have as nice sound as the baby grand piano.

How does a piano make a noise?

If it's a Grand Piano the strings inside of the piano are different lengths and different thicknesses creating sounds when you play a note.

What was a cost of a grand piano in the 1930s?

Surprisingly, the cost of a Grand Piano in the 1930'S was about a grand ($1,000.00).

Size baby grand piano?

how can you tell what size a baby grand piano is

When was More Grand Piano created?

More Grand Piano was created in 1985.

When was PH Grand Piano created?

PH Grand Piano was created in 1931.

What shape is the piano?

A piano has many different shapes but the main three are the upright, the grand and the baby grand piano.

What is a large piano called?

A grand piano.

Where's the Grand Piano in Club Penguin?

The Grand Piano is in the Pizza Shop in the Plaza.

Does a grand piano require a microphone to record?

Yes, A microphone is needed to record a Grand Piano. Unless your Grand Piano has a built in pick up which you can use to record it.

What is unique about a Clavinova CVP digital piano?

The weight of the keys is what is unique about the Clavinova CVP digital piano. Even though it is a digital piano, the keys make it sound like it is a grand piano.

Who created the grand piano?

The grand piano was invented in 1720 by an Italian named Bartolomeo Cristofori. The word piano is an abbreviation of pianoforte.

Value of Gerhard upright concert grand piano?

value of gerhard upright grand piano

What piano does delta goodrem play?

A grand piano...

What was the first type of piano to be made?

a grand piano

What is the most popular piano?

It is the baby grand piano.

Is there a difference between a piano and a grand piano?

Very little. The "grand" in grand piano comes from the Italian word "grande" meaning large or big. the only real difference is the size of the piano, and the grand piano is able to play at a higher volume when opened, hence used in many concert halls. Of course on top of this there are social differences. Someone who owns a grand piano are sometimes associated with the wealthy, or upper class citizens. In my opinion, the grand piano looks better, but ranging from 6-9 ft long, the baby grand or petite grand piano is a better choice for leisure in the home.