How do you abstain from sex?

Many teenagers, and adults as well, have made the choice to abstain from sex either until marriage or indefinitely. One may claim that this is impossible, but believe me, it is both possible and extremely worth it.

Some basic tips to follow when choosing to remain abstainate include:

1. Make a commitment. A real commitment. You can do this at a church or conference in front of people, with a parent, or in privacy. But it is important to let someone know of your decision, especially if you choose to make this choice in privacy. If you have someone to hold you accountable, it becomes easier. Also, you may choose to get a symbol of your commitment. Many teenagers wear "Purity Rings" or "Chastity Rings" because one's hands may be the first of the body to explore areas that would be off-limits if you are committed to purity. 2. A person who chooses to abstain from sex outside of marriage should be pure in other areas as well. It will become almost impossible to not have sex when your life is saturated in it. Find some friends who value virginity. Don't go out with boy/girlfriends who will pressure you to have sex. Don't listen to music or watch music videos that make references to sex. If you look hard enough, it isn't that hard to find great music, books, magazines, and websites that aren't filled with sexual themes or make references to sex. And only drink alcohol when you are old enough and in moderation. 3. Hold up your values. Whether you abstain from sex because your religion holds it for marriage, you don't want pregnancy or STDs, or for some other reason, don't let go of your reasons. For everyday you abstain, you give hope to someone else.

The simple answer is: don't have sex. But, as long as you're safe (i.e. use a condom) there's nothing wrong with having sex.