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  • After the first time you found out is the time you should have sat down with your spouse and talked things out and let him know you are not putting up with his cheating. After eight times he feels quite free to do this to you over and over again. Kick this spouse to the curb if he will not go for marriage counseling.

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He cheated on the poor girl EIGHT times. And Napoleon wasn't even that cute. ----- Napoleon cheated on Josephine eight times, but at the time, it was normal for a person in a high position to do so. In all actuality, he only cheated on her as revenge for her cheating on him. And he actually was very hot.

"long distance"?! I'm a dude he's probably cheating on you

I could be proving my age and missing the question completely; if so, accept my apology. Are you asking 'what is eight octaves?' as on a piano? If that is your question, the answer is 97 notes, for 8 full octaves.

well lets see you cheated eight years ago I can understand her pain but have you been cheating on her lately so if not you should just reassure her that your not doing that sort of thing anymore and make sure you have answered all her questions because believe me the questions you don't answer will create more problems let her know everything and talk to her I don't know what to tell you to do what you need to do is talk to her and find out what she wants you to do because FAQ FARM can't decide for her

DONT!! cheating is far worse then anything your only showing him you DONT CARE just tell him how you feel he will respect your answer.

This is one of those Magic Eight Ball questions. If YOU don't know whether his reaction to your chicanery is an indication of his being unfaithful, then how is anyone else to know? There is no way anyone can tell whether -- in this specific case -- his getting mad at your snooping is a clear sign that he's cheated. Having said that, it is far more suspicious than had he NOT reacted the way he did. Is it possible that his reaction indicates he's cheated? Sure. Is it an indication that it's likely that he's cheated? Maybe. Does it mean that he definitely has? No. Perhaps he's involved in some other illicit activity. Perhaps he's gambling. Doing or selling drugs. Trafficking in stolen Edvard Munch paintings. Who the heck knows?

If you do not want anything to do with her you have to be firm with her and tell her to leave you alone. She was the one that messed up and knows it now and that is something she has to deal with and live with. It is best for you to move on as if she has done this one she will do it again. Don't accept any contact from her, avoid her and if for some reason you do talk with her be firm but polite and tell her to leave you alone and you want nothing to do with her.

Shintoist accept the ideaology of gods for just about everything and every existence. One book relates they have over eight million deities.

Nelson and Whitney Mandela separated after thirty eight years of marriage. Whitney had been cheating on Nelson and though rumors where spread he did not leave her until he was shown a letter as proof.

Eight and eight are not fifteen. Eight and eight are sixteen.

The female will not be ready to breed, until between day eight and fifteen of her season. You will find his mood will be a bit different then, unless he has been castrated.

Nobody better than eight eight eight eight eight eight Nobody better than eight eight eight eight eight eight

I would suggest you really stop and think...Why do you want to stay? If your boyfriend was truly for you, and you were in love, you would never have cheated or lied. Please stop wasting your time and his time. I don't mean to be harsh, but grow up girl, and be a woman. Leave him alone and move on. You will find your true love in time. By staying and begging for trust, you look desperate, and he will never respect you.

eight hundred eight thousand, eight hundred eight.

A full octet, valance shell. A valance shell with eight electrons, such as the Nobel gases have, doe not need to donate or accept electrons into or out of the valance shell to be stable.

It means some people don't like correction some people benefit from correction. People who are vain/conceited find it hard to accept correction, a wise person will accept correction. Pro 9:8 Never correct conceited people; they will hate you for it. But if you correct the wise, they will respect you.

Eight of them.Eight of them.Eight of them.Eight of them.

· Some of the strengths concerning Erikson's work involve his eight stages. Erikson along with several other researchers found that his eight stages serve as a guide that holds across time and cultures as well. Some of the weaknesses regarding Erikson's work also involve his eight stages. If we accept his personal understandings of what each stage stands for, then everything will be ok.

Ebay us site. There is one now on auction for 1.99 2 days left ww shipping. If you don't have/can't get Paypal, ask seller if they will accept a mo.

The number 888888888888888888888888888888888 is a very large number. This number has 33 places which makes is a decillion number value. Therefore this number is eight hundred eighty eight decillion, eight hundred eighty eight nonillion, eight hundred eighty eight octillion, eight hundred eighty eight septillion, eight hundred eighty eight sextillion, eight hundred eighty eight quintillion, eight hundred eighty eight quadrillion, eight hundred eighty eight trillion, eight hundred eighty eight billion, eight hundred eighty eight million, eight hundred eighty eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty eight.

eight and eight hundredths = 8.08 in decimaleight and eight hundredths as a decimal = 8.08

You collect disability only if you show that you are unable to perform work, not that you worked as long as you have. If you worked eight years and there are justifiable reasons for quitting, as determined by your state's employment security office then you might be eligible for unemployment benefits. This has nothing to do with the Social Security you are presently receiving.

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