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Well me i just told my best friend that i like her and i was scared but i talked to her and she liked me too but i have told a girl that was my best friend before that i liked them and they just said okay and went on about their business and be sure that you act cool and just tell them and don't hide it, because really think about it if they dont know that you like them then they are going to find a boyfriend/girlfriend and they are going to be taken!

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Q: How do you act around someone you like?
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How do you act like you like someone?

if you dont like someone dont try to like someone. but if you need to then just picture them as someone you do like, and act like it is that person.

If someone knows you like them how can you tell if they don't feel the same way without them saying it?

You can always tell how someone feels about you by the way they treat you and act when you are around them. If someone knows you like them and tries to avoid you then they probably don't feel the same way. If they act shy around you but make an effort to be around you then chances are they do like you.

How do you act around a guy?

Act like yourself, if you don't people will think your fake. If you like a guy then you will want him to like you, for you, not someone fake. So be yourself, if he doesn't like you, it's his lose, someone else for you will come for you.[:

How can you know if someone likes you?

you know that someone likes you from how they act around you. If they act nervous around you when your alone it either means they like you or their shy, but if they act nervous around you when theres friends around he either likes one of your friends and is trying not to mess up in front of them, likes you, or just isn't good around people.

Why do you act different around other people?

peer pressure, you wanna impress someone special, you want to feel like you fit in so you act like your friends do...

How do you act when you like someone?

act natural, be yourself.

How do you know if someone doesn't like you?

well u could tell if someone doesn't like you by the way that they look at you and the way they act around you and also their body language.

What does it mean when someone calls you fufu?

When you call someone fufu it means there fake,they talk behind your back but act like your friend around you

How do you act like you dont like a boy?

You just act like you act around every other boy you act .

What do you do if someone has a crush on you?

Wel, by the way that person acts around you. Theres a saying that when a person constantly hits you, or like does things like that it means they Like you. & also if they act really sweet around you.

How do you act around a guy who knows you like them?

Act like you normally would around anyone else

How do you know that someone care about you when your not in a relationship with them?

Watch how this person acts around you. Watch for certain emotions and ways of talking. Watch how this person moves, and how this persons personality is like around you. Compare his/her personality how they act around you to how they act around another person.

How does a shy guy act around a girl he likes?

Well I'm a guy and I'm a little shy. if I'm around a girl i like i just am myself! dont just try to act cool around someone just be yourself!!!!!!! everyone is different so you cant pretend to be someone your not :)

How do you act when around your girlfriend?

Act like yourself. Don't change how you act around and to her when your in public or private with her.

What if you like someone and they act like they like you to what does that mean?

You are looking in a mirror.

How should a person act around someone that has Autism?

You should act quite normal, like you treat anyoneelse, the person with autism will probably know no difference.

How do you act around Nick Jonas to get him to like you?

yourself! don't act like a total moron act like u

How should you act around a girl you like?

Just act normal and joke around with her.

How do know if someone likes you?

If someone likes you, he or she will do these exact things... -laugh at your jokes or clumsiness -lean their head on your shoulder -try to get near you as much as possible -act more shy than they usually act around you -look at you a lot -maybe they'll actually say, "I like you" or something like that -when someone asks them if they like you, say no or act in denial -if someone asks them who they like, pretend to like someone else other than you -borrow or share things from you or playfully steal your stuff -tease you with names and laugh at what they just said -hit or push or shove:horseplay

How do you act yourself with a guy?

If you find it difficult to act yourself around a certain guy then he's not worthy of your time, and try to find someone that you CAN act yourself around.

Can you hypnotize someone to act like a chicken?

Yes, it is possible for people to act like a chicken under hypnosis.

How can you tell if someone truly likes you?

you can tell if someone likes you by the way they act when they are around you and stuff.

What is the best way to know what genes someone has?

it best know someone genes they have is how they look and how act.. sometimes peoplentell me i look like my mom but act like my dad..

How do you act like you dont like someone?

First of all you should not ignore them if you used to talk all the time because that is obvious. If someone says you like them in front of your crushes face, just say "Yeah....I really like you" or "Totally" sarcastically and then laugh about it. Try and act normal around them, don't call them names when you never used to because that is a sign of jealousy or when someone likes you.

How should a guy act around a girl he likes?

you should act like yourself girls like that. if you try to act like someone your not I guarentee she won't like you. Be yourself!!!!! Good Luck how you would around anyone else. if she can't take that, she's not for you. By changing the way you act around a certain girl will cause you to either carry your "new self" over to your friends and have them question why you've changed or have the girl eventually ask why you act different around your friends. be honest. be yourself. don't think, just do. well, okay think. but don't over think.