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You should not forget who you are really

You should not get a bully picking on you, this is very important .!@!

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How can you look cool in high school?

You have to be up to date with the latest fashion but you have to make the fashion your own. You have to act cool look cool and you have to hang with cool people.

How do you change your looks for high school?

well act cool have cool hairstyles with bumbage and nike bags be great

What do you act like when you move into a new school?

Be yourself! You will find your clique that works for you but the wrong one will come if you act stuck up or "to cool for school"

How do you act cool in primary school?

get a load of detentions and act like you dont care a word that the teacher is saying to you

How do you get a boy at school to like you?

act funny be kinda mean and wear cool clothes

How do you act cool on the first day of middle school?

You're going to middle school. You don't. Not to be mean but no one's cool in middle school just do your own thing and try to fit in but that doesn't mean you have to be a follower.

How to be the most popular girl in school?

1. dress good, maybe abercrombie, fitch, or aeropostale clothing. 2. act cool. don't get too excited or overreact. 3. Have cool friends or make friends with cool kids at school

How do you make a girl like you in elementary school?

act cool give her notesdon't write you name give her clues so she get close then you have a nice girl oh and wear cool clothes and act cool to also ask friends to help make sure they won't tell and then you should act funny they love funny kids

How do you act cool at school?

Be urself, dont make fun of ppl, dont be a JERK!!! butt the chances are if acting cool in skool could backfire later in life

Is Katie to cool for school?

She is 100% "to cool 4 school"!

How do you Be Cool guy?

don't act cool or you wont be.

Is Raymond Smith cool?

yes raymonds to cool for school yes raymonds to cool for school

What does popular mean school kind?

Maybe because they want to try to act all cool. Don't listen to them at all.

What is the pink ladies pledge?

"The Pink Ladies' Pledge: To act cool, to look cool, and to be cool. Till death do us part, think pink!" It's from Grease 2, the opening Back To School by The Four Tops

What is the duration of Cool School?

The duration of Cool School is 1.95 hours.

When was The Cool School created?

The Cool School was created in 1959-09.

When you are from a different school is it hard to go to middle school when you don't really know anybody?

Just make sure you be yourself and act cool with everyone, it'll be fine

What school is cool?

My school

Why is your school so cool?

Your school is cool because there are some things that are cool: like your school park,the things that you play in recess.Also, maybe your teachers are funny,nice and caring. There are many ways that your school is cool

How does a whale act?


Why do Filipino's always try to act cool?

They try to look cool because they are cool.

Why do students fail middle schools?

Students fail middle school because they probably want to act cool like there friends.

When was Cool School created?

Cool School was created on 2007-01-26.

Is morrow middle school cool?

Morrow middle school is 100% cool

How do you act cool with your brothers friends?

Act like your Brother

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