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How do you activate Google checkout?

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- Check your bank account

- Get the few pennies amount Google deposited

- Type this amount into the confirmation page on Check-out

Your account should then be activated.

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It utilizes very similar security to PayPal. If you trust PayPal, definitely use Google checkout.

Google Checkout is a method of quickly purchasing items on websites like Amazon for members of Google plus.

yes im guessing ur from Canada and Google checkout should be for everybody across the globe!

Use the shopping cart Wizard to add Google checkout cart to your website. You'll receive and process order through the Google Checkout, this will allow your customers to view and edit their purchase.

I'm not absolutely certain that this is the reason, but here's my guess: Google owns Android. They also have a checkout software that they use called Google Checkout. Because they obviously make money through Google Checkout, they don't want to let people who are using Android Market bypass Google Checkout to use PayPal.

In order to find a list of such merchants, one must have a Google Checkout account. Registration is free and requires only an email address. Once logged in, click the "Google Checkout Merchant" link.

Google checkout is available in 357 countries worldwide. It is a great checkout to protect against fraud. It also has an amazing feature which you can track multiple purchases and view their status.

Google Checkout is an online wallet for buying online and also for purchases instore using a mobile phone. One can store details of several credit and debit cards within the "wallet". Google is ceasing to support Checkout in November 2013.

Two companies that offer a coupon for using Google Checkout are mass merchandiser Buy dot com and pet supply store Petco. You must use Google Checkout in order to qualify for the discounts.

When paying an Android App, you use your Google Checkout. Google Checkout uses your credit card or bank account to charge you the cost of your purchase. It is normally linked to your Google Account.

Based on the reviews that I have found, this checkout method has been shown to be easy to use. This checkout method seems easy to use for both consumers and merchandisers.

There are other Alternatives to Google checkout. One of the most popular of these would be Paypal which used to mainly be used through ebay but has grown into a wider range of uses.

There are multiple payment processes in Google. One of them is the Google Wallet, the other one is Google Checkout. They make paying for purchases easy.

By Credit Card or by Google Checkout

you look up instructions on google its there i did it

Google Checkout is a way for sellers to allow visitors to their website to shop online with all the messy online transaction processing taken care of by Google. It provides code to add "Buy now" buttons and/or shopping cart functionality to your website. Google does charge for this service: there are no setup fees or ongoing costs but each time you have a purchase, Google charges 1.5% of the purchase price plus £0.15. If you are using AdWords (Google's paid search/PPC) and you have linked your Google Checkout to your AdWords account, you maybe eligible for free transaction processing.

This particular Checkout Merchant is fairly easy to use. You are guided along in a step by step process so it's actually harder to mess up than actually complete the checkout process.

When using Google Checkout, one can expect to pay an extra 1.9-2.9% extra plus 30 cent per transaction. The percentage fee decreases with higher amounts of transactions.

No ofcourse not gmail is completely different than PayPal Google has their own payment system - Google Checkout

No. YouTube is owned by Google, so you have to have a Google account to use YouTube.

"Yes. You can use checkout on a merchant website. You can also use it to make donations to certain organizations. If you accumulate under $3,000 you have to pay 2.9% + .30 on the transaction."

with technology these days, anything is possible

The orange "pegman" icon in classic Google Maps is the tool to activate Street View mode in Google Maps. Normally you drag the orange "pegman" icon onto the map to activate street view mode at that location. The new Google Maps interface is redesigning the street view user interface.

When it comes to buying things online, there are two major ways to do so if you want protection from identity theft: PayPal and Google Checkout. Which one you choose depends on what you buy online and what protection you want.The heavy hitter: PayPalPayPal has existed for a long time. It started as a small company, but after being bought by eBay, it grew further in popularity. You can send money through PayPal to anyone with an email address. It is the internet's most trusted way to get paid for online transactions. You can even get a PayPal debit card that you can use to buy everyday products, making PayPal a safe way to limit your spending.If you find yourself using your checking account too much and you keep getting overdrafts, switch to PayPal, get a card, deposit only a certain amount of money into the account and never get an overdraft again. The underdog: Google CheckoutGoogle Checkout allows you to create one account with your credit or debit card attached and use that one account to buy things all over the internet. It is safe, fast and you do not have to worry about spreading your personal banking details everywhere. The downside is that Google Checkout is not accepted in as many places as PayPal, because it has not existed for as long. It is building up its online presence, though, and more and more businesses are starting to accept Google Checkout as a viable way to pay for online goods.When it boils down to it, whether you pick PayPal or Google Checkout is about where you shop. If you buy from eBay a lot, you want a PayPal account. If you buy from a lot of random sites, Google Checkout is the one for you. Whichever you pick, both have great protection for both the buyer and the seller, and both have excellent customer service.

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