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How do you add a third bedroom to a two-bedroom mobile home?

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Hire an architect and take the plans to your local building code authorities for review. Then get bids from contractors, unless you think you can do it yourself.

2006-09-07 23:11:56
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How do you add a third bedroom to a two bedroom mobile home?

If you have the skills, and know how to do that on a regular house, then you will have no trouble doing it on a mobile home.

How much is a 1985 two bedroom 2 bath mobile home worth?

How much a 1995 two bedroom, two bathroom mobile home is worth, depends on the condition. If it is in horrible condition, it may not be worth anything, even to the owner.

What is the Average square footage of 2 bedroom mobile home?

1,400 -1,500 sq. feet.

How much does an electrician charge to install a service for a 3 bedroom mobile home?

As much as he wants!

How many adults can legally live in a 3-bedroom mobile home in Mecklenburg County NC?

In the state of North Carolina, including Mecklenburg County, up to six unrelated adults can live together in a 3-bedroom mobile home. If the adults are related in any way, then there are no restrictions on the number of adults who may live in any home.

How much does it cost to wire a 3-bedroom mobile home?

About the same as it costs to rewire a small 3 bedroom house. -For an exact quote, call a LOCAL electrician. Rates vary all over.

What is the model of your skyline mobile home?

Look for the Data sheet, near electrical panel, in a bedroom closet, or a kitchen cabinet. (according to HUD guidelines )

What is a 1955 mobile home worth?

How much is a 1985 mobile home worth ,... I want to buy it ??? 2 bedroom , 1 bath ,,, 52x14,,, kitchen. Living room, dining room .. Average condition

Another name for bedroom?

A bedroom is a room in the home that is used primarily for sleeping in. Another name for a bedroom is chamber.

What is a mobile home grant?

what is a mobile home grant?

What is the mobile home called?

Unless you've picked a personal name for it, a Mobile home is just a Mobile home .

Mobile home one word or two?

mobile home

Are you allowed tq remove your mobile home from a park?

If you own the mobile home, then you have the right to remove it from the mobile home park, unless you are in a lease agreement between you and the mobile home park.

what is the benefit of mobile home deck plans?

A mobile home deck plan is a separate foundation not attached to the mobile home itself. It is used to support the mobile home. The benefit of having a mobile home deck is to be able to move your mobile home from one place to another without having to rip out the foundation.

Can a mobile home tow over its weight?

A mobile home can't tow ANYTHING ! A true mobile home has no motive power.

What is the Hebrew word for mobile home?

mobile home = bayit nayad

What is the most reliable type of mobile home insurance?

there are several reliable insurance companies for mobile home owners. Visit or for mobile home insurance providers.

I am trying to find a nice sizes two to three bedroom house or mobile home that fits the qualification of Housing(HUD). Can you help me find a home.?

You need to check with for a list of homes.

If a mobile home is not attached to Texas real property and I default on the mobile home what can the mortgage holder do?

Take the mobile home back and sell it.

Does a mobile home landlord have the right to personal property when mobile home is sold?

The mobile home owner has a right to personal property, NOT the landlord.

What is the type of house that moves on wheels?

Mobile home, trailer, RV.Mobile home, trailer, RV.

Is a manfactured home a mobile home?

yes because another name for mobile home is via manufactured home

Funeral home liens on mobile home?

If you owe money, they can put a lien on your home. Even a mobile home.

When was Home Sweet Mobile Home created?

Home Sweet Mobile Home was created on 2010-09-28.

Where do they sell mobile home parts online?

There are many places online where mobile home parts are sold. These include Mobile Home Parts Store and Complete Mobile Home Supply. Another option is eBay.