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How do you add radiator sealant to a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora?

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2015-07-15 21:51:50
2015-07-15 21:51:50

Open the radiator cap WHEN THE ENGINE IS COLD and simply pour it in. I have had good luck with Barrs stop leak. If this doesn't stop it you will have to seek professional help. Good luck.

If you every desrire to use the heater again, you should refrain from the use of radiator sealents - this applies to all makes and models. They tend to plug the heater core just like they seal the hole you desire to seal.

Do not use sealant, pull the radiator and have it fixed.

Everyone I know has had to have the radiator repaired due to cracks in the tanks.

As does my 1996 Caddy Concours, this vehicle -=[REQUIRES]=- the use of radiator conditioner from GM, or Barr's Leak which is the same, even made by the OEM manufacturer of the tripple-marked-up dealer only item. Also note the requirement for non-corrosive coolant; straight bihydrogen monoxide (water) or the green stuff will cause you more problems than a shotgun blast to the front e


you can either pour it into the coolent tank or you can unplug the upper radiator hose from the engine and pour it directly into the hose i recommend pouring it directly into the hose

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