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The first thing to do is to create those sound and Flash animations. This can be done with software specifically designed for those purposes. For example, creating Flash movies can be done with Macromedia software.

Once the files are created, they can simply be linked or embedded.

Alternatively, you can just type this HTML command:

and if you give the proper height and width you start viewing the movies and the required files; this will accept all the movie extensions such as mpeg, mpg, avi, etc....

official source of the cool app:

Useful tutorial on Google blog:

Flash video is a good video format choice for the internet. You can convert your movie to FLV video. Free tool you can use is Moyea Video4Web Converter -

It can convert all video to FLV and the resulting FLV quality can be customzed.

To add the resulting FLV video to web page, you just need a Web FLV player. On this point, you can check -

It is a quick and effective solution to create nice and custom Flash video player for website. This is tutorial -

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Q: How do you add sound and movies to a website?
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