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Ford Explorer XLT

How do you add transmission fluid?


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2015-07-15 20:09:17
2015-07-15 20:09:17

You can add via the Transmission dip stick located on the driver side of the car behind the oil dip stick.

If your vehicle is not an automatic then you need to unscrew the level plug on the side of the trans and pump in the specified gearlube until it starts to run back out (make sure it is on level ground). When it stops running out, put the plug back in. Be sure to check/top up the level on the transfer case bolted to the back of the trans as well if your rig is a 4X4.


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You should never add transmission fluid to a Chevrolet 350 engine. You can add transmission fluid to the transmission through the transmission dipstick holder.

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In my 93 Isuzu Rodeo you have to add your transmission fluid buy poring it into the the transmission fluid dipstick.

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You add transmission fluid down the transmission dipstick hole.

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