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where do you add the Transmission Fluid in a 1996 Honda accord 4 cylinder

Answerwhere do you add the transmission fluid in a 1996 Honda accord 4 cylinder
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Q: Where do you add transmission fluid to a Honda Accord?
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Where do you put transmission or brake fluid in 1993 Honda Accord?

where do I add brake fluid to my Honda accord 92

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 1998 Honda Accord?

in the dipstick hole

Pictures of where to add transmission fluid in 1994 Honda Accord?

Does a honda accord 95 automatic have a transmition filter?

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 2012 Honda Accord?

Same place you check the fluid level.

Where do you add transmission fluid to 89 Honda accord?

You add fluid at the exact same place you check the fluid level. Warning: Use only Honda fluid, and use no substitute.

Where is the transmission dipstick for a 2004 Honda accord?

The dipstick for the 2004 Honda Accord is located beside of the battery. A funnel is needed to reach the tube to add fluid.

How do you add transmission fluid add to a 2004 Honda accord?

Thru dipstick tube w/narrow neck funnel.

Where do you add Transmission Fluid to 2002 Honda Accord?

At the transmission. Look on the right side of the engine down low on the transmission and you will see the dipstick.

1988 Honda accord problems my automatic transmission won't move in reverse moves but slips in drive 1988 accord lxi with 88000 miles?

add transmission fluid

Where to you add transmission fluid in a 1986 Honda Accord?

If it is an automatic--through the dipstick tube If it is Standard through fill plug at side of transmission

Where is the location of the filler plug for a automatic transmission on a 2003 honda accord v6?

You add fluid the same place you check the fluid level.

How do you fix the slippage on an automatic transmission in 1991 Honda Accord?

Check the automatic transmission fluid level. If it is low add enough to reach the full mark. If it is not low seek professional help. If you have to add fluid use only Genuine Honda automatic transmission fluid. Use no substitute.

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