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To adjust a TORO 570 radius pop up sprinkler hear, place one's hand on the sprinkle hear and turn it 25 degrees to the right. Once one has turned it 25 degrees to the right, one can adjust the head to the desired position.


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Toro 640 series industiral sprinklers are difficult to adjust by virtue of the fact that the gears are specifically set at an assigned angle. This differs from other well-known irrigation companies such as Rainbird, who have models similar to the Toro version, but have a special slot to adjust the turning radius. Although you can't really adjust the Toro head, you can order special preset angles from the manufacturer, i.e 170 degrees, 270 degrees, in addition to the regular 180 degrees, 360, etc. To ensure that you have the correct angle, adjust the left side of the sprinkler to the desired angle, (you can see a small arrow etched in the sprinkler.)

It is usually engraved on either the top of the reflector or the side of the sprinkler head.

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Depends on the sprinkler head. I've used 10 ft up to 18 foot. It should be in the specs when you look at the type of sprinkler head you have.

Rotate the head all the way counter-clockwise to completely close, then point with the arrow on top and the spray pattern will open up from that direction clockwise as you rotate the head clockwise. You can also grab the top of the pop-up and pull it upward. While holding the pop-up, twist the very top head clockwise to open. You can see the amount and direction of opening for spray pattern.

25-150 gallons per minute is standard depending on the type of sprinkler head. Residential sprinklers will be closer to 25. That flow is for a SINGLE sprinkler head. Typically the fire will be extinguished by just activating one sprinkler head.

form_title=Sprinkler System Repair form_header=9633 Please describe this location.*= () Home/Residence () Business Choose all the problems that your are currently having with your sprinkler system.*= [] Time clock needs to be reprogrammed [] Time clock isn't functioning properly [] No water to one sprinkler head [] No water to one area of sprinkler heads [] Water is running continuously [] Sprinkler direction/spread needs adjustment [] Sprinkler head(s) need(s) to be relocated [] System needs to be blown out and shut off (Fall shut down) [] System needs to be reactivated (Spring activation) [] Sprinkler head is broken Is this need emergency in nature?*= () No () Yes

at the distal end of the radius

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Newton's third law of motion. The turning of the sprinkler head is the equal and opposite reaction to the water leaving the sprinkler nozzles. The water goes out and the sprinkler nozzle is pushed backward, turning it in a circle because the arm is attached to the middle of the sprinkler. The higher the water flow, the faster the sprinkler spins.

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All the 289 ford engines I have worked on have hydraulic lifters and are not adjustable. However on the older ones that have pressed in rocker arm studs they have been known to back out of the head and cause problems.

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The deflector (part shaped like a daisy) is shaped differently to give the water the correct spray pattern,

: The difference between an upright head and a pendent head is, an upright sprinkler is designed to be installed upright in the branchline piping of a sprinkler system. The pendent is designed to be in the pendent or 6 o clock position, with the deflector facing downward. It is important that you always install sprinklers in accordance with their designed listing; you cannot install an upright sprinkler in the pendent position, for example. you can usually find this information with the data sheet supplied with the sprinkler. If in doubt, contact the sprinkler manufacturer. Sprinkler installation is regulated by National Fire Protection Association or NFPA for short, document number 13.. This standard gives the codes for proper location, selection, and installation of fire sprinklers.

Either a slack connection or a hole.

2" depending on head such as side discharge.

There are two main methods of sprinkler system installation: open trench and pulled pipe. Open trench typically uses PVC pipe and pulled pipe typically uses poly pipe. Other than the pipe and fittings, the main difference in installation will be that the pulled pipe system requires a hole and saddle tee at the location of each sprinkler head. The steps for installing an automatic sprinkler system using an open trench method are: 1. Start with a good sprinkler system design (try searching "sprinkler system designer" for support options) 2. Make sure that you have all necessary tools, equipment, and permits 3. Have Blue Stakes mark all utilities prior to any digging 4. Install a backflow prevention device according to code 5. Place flags at the location of each sprinkler head 6. Mark and dig all trenches and valve manifold locations 7. Build and install valve manifolds (preassembled valve manifolds can make this easier) 8. Connect mainline pipe from water source connection to valve manifolds 9. Lay lateral line pipe from the valve manifolds to the location of each sprinkler head 10. Install tees and swing assemblies for each sprinkler head and flush lines 11. Connect sprinkler heads to swing assemblies; set head to level with ground 12. Install sprinkler timer/controller and connect sprinkler wire from timer to valve manifolds 13. Install nozzles on sprinkler heads 14. Install valve boxes (as required) and backfill all trenches 15. Run a zone by zone test and adjust nozzle patterns

After a main water valve is closed the system's PVC pipes are still full of water and will drain to the lowest sprinkler head until the system is empty.

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