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Because the alternator puts a load on the engine of several horsepower, the belt must be very tight. However, if it is too tight, the bearings of the alternator shaft will wear out quickly. To tension the belt properly, adjust until there is about 1/2 inch of play in the center of the longest span. If this does not stop the squealing, the belt may have been glazed from being too loose, and needs to be replaced.

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Q: How do you adjust the alternator belt in a 1997 Honda Accord to make it stop squealing even when it seems to be tight enough?
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How do you replace the alternator on a 1990 Honda Accord?

Remove the upper through bolt of the alternator, remove the bottom bolt of the alternator by unscrewing the nut. Slide the belt off pulley. Install the new alternator. Replace and tighten the bolts (You will need to use a torque wrench to tighten to the proper foot-pounds of torque. You can find the torque specs for you bolts by going to a Honda forum). Adjust the tension bolt until there is enough tension on the belt (if not enough tension you will hear the belt squeak when you stat your car).

What would cause a squealing sound in a 1997 dodge caravan. It squeals while driving and while idling. We put some lubricant on the serpentine belt and the squealing momentarily stopped.?

The alternator may be out of alignment. Put soap on the inside of the belt and it will turn the grooved part white enough to be able to see if the belt is not running straight. If the belt is all aligned on the lower pulleys and then jogs off to the side the higher it gets, it's the alternator in the back of the engine. There is an adjustment on the bracket that connects to the intake manifold, but most likely you'll have to take the alternator out and adjust the swivel part too. There is a spacer in the swivel part on the bottom of the alternator that you can hammer one way or the other. I had to put in a couple of washers to make up for the space on the other side. I hope this helps.

Why is your car squealing before it is started?

It Could Be Your Serpentine Belt too tight or not tight enough.

Why is there a loud squealing noise from the engine during cold starts as well as accelerating on a 1995 Mazda MPV?

It's probably the belt slipping. Check for belt tension. When an engine first starts the alternator works harder to recharge the battery. During that time, the alternator is harder to turn and if the belt isn't tight enough there can be some slipping between the belt and the pulley.

Will an alternator freeze up on 1999 Mercury Cougar?

If the bearings in the alternator get bad enough it can lock up.

Why does your car stall out when you turn on the heater?

Alternator is not making enough power.

After replacing the alternator why would pulleys not turn?

Not enough belt tension.

Getting enough amps from the alternator but not enough to the battery?

depends on what way you are testing it but you either have a bad connection between the alternator and the battery or your battery is bad and cant hold the charge what voltage are you getting

How do you change the alternator on a 99 Deville?

The alternator must be removed and replaced from the bottom, as with raising the vehicle high enough to work from underneath "safely".

Why your alternator only charges 27volts?

No alternator should EVER charge at 27 volts. That's enough voltage to burn up the computer.

Will a car start if the alternator is going out?

It will start if there is enough charge in the battery to turn the engine over. However if the alternator is weak then the battery will not be charged fully.

What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a 1991 Honda Accord?

Not a good sign, This could mean that your charging system (alternator) isn't doing its job. If you have problems starting the car due to not enough battery power, then check your battery to see if it is holding the charge. If after a while that you had to boost or jumpstart your battery your car gradually dies then check your alternator to see if it is putting out charge to the battery.

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