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How do you adjust the gear indicator on a 1988 truck?


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At the bottom of the steering column shroud, there should be a silver metal clip, which has a string tied to it. The other end is connected to the shifter up in the column. Move it to align the indicator on the instrument cluster. Be careful not to pull it too tight in that it may break. I learned the hard way.


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Should be a removable panel under steering column. where adjusting screw is located Place gear shift in neutral to adjust

Check the shifter linkages and adjust if needed. The linkage may be in d2 when the indicator shows drive.

If the gearbox is causing freeplay in the steering wheel, then the gearbox needs to be replaced.

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Under the dashboard on the steering colume there is a tube that goes around the colume- IT either has a clip or a small screw 2 loosen that has a double string hooked 2 it-put the Vehicle in neutral and adjust string accordingly.

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You should NEVER have to adjust a new gear box. You have other front end problems that are worn out.

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You do not have to check a gear backlash. All you need is a dial indicator to plug in and i will check for you.

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on the steering colume below the dash-there is a collar that either has a clip or small connector that has a string connected 2 it.IF the collar ISN"T broke(& spinning) jut adjust the clip or connector.

You can fix a broken linkage in a 1999 Navigator truck by simply adjusting its Gear Shift.

Volvo is a great technology in vehicles. Shift light indicator mean the indication given, that the vehicle is now comfortable to shift the gear. For Example, the Volvo car is moving on 60 mph and you are moving on 4th gear the shift light indicator will blink reminding now you can shift a gear further mean you can move by gear 5.

1988-1998 requires API 80W-90 GL-5 gear lube. This is common for most rear ends

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I have a 94 Pontiac Grand AM SE and replacing the bulb on gear shift is difficult. The whole panel that the gear shift sits on can be remove. First pull the pin out from the shift knob its located in the front of the knob just above the metal rod it sits on. Then pull out the knob. After that just pry out the panel carefully at the sides, starting from the cigarette lighter up to where the switch is to adjust the mirror. Disconnect the wire from the cigarette lighter, gear shift and the switch that adjust the mirrors. The bulb is on a circuit that is one with the gear shift indicators.

A flashing gear setting indicator means the transmission has a problem. Get it serviced immediately!

If I'm not mistaken, it appears that your truck is a "manual transmission"? There would be no indicator light - you shift into first gear, and then as you approve about 10 or 15 mph you would shift to second. I recommend the "learning manual transmission for dummies" - actually a very well written instruction book on learning how to shift.

there is contacts in behind the buttons sometimes they touch causing it to stay in the gear just pull it away with screwdriver so it dont touch

Need more info, manual steering gear box, power steering gear box, 3 speed standard transmission box, or 4 speed transmission box? The truck has a 3 speed manual transmission and power steering gear box thanks The steering gear box will interchange.

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