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I have a 1990 Dodge spirit Most of these cars are fuel injected. Therefore if your idle is not right chances are you need a new throttle positioning sensor It plugs into the throttle body near the top That's what i had to replace Hope this helps

that's true but also you can check the Idle Air Control Valve located on the front of the throttle body, if you adjust it in then the idle will pick up quite a bit, and if you adjust it out then the idle will slow down to where it acts like it wants to quit, but never adjust that to far out because when you go to re-install it, you can risk damaging the throttle body by breaking off the ears of which the valve sits next to. the adjustment on it is surpost to be 1 1/8 inch from the base on some (not all throttle bodies) but ive found that to be wrong, i did it once and my van which has the same engine acted worse... I to have a 1992 Dodge Spirit.-

In my 1991 Spirit R/T assembled in Mexico, the idle is controlled by the computer (SBEC), so that it should be between 700 and 900 rpm at idle, and is compensated when you turn on or off the AC, lights and so on. If the Idle RPM is too high, it usually is due to defective or dirty IAC valve on the throttle body, or a wiring bad contact or engine speed sensor. Same for too low, but if someone fiddled with the IAC (also called AIS), it could be misadjusted. You would never attempt to adjust the idle stop screw on the butterfly valve, as you could exceed the normal range of automatic control. Look for frayed or cracked insulation of wiring of sensors (like on the distributor sensor). Good luck. Amclaussen.

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Q: How do you adjust the idle on 1993 Dodge Spirit?
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