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How do you adjust the tension on a serpentine belt for a 92 dodge spirit?



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on the 92 3.0 sohc engines,the tensioner for the alt etc is a bolt behind the smallest pulley that has that's driven by it(meaning not an alternator,power steering pump etc...some people are newbs)youll need a 4-6 inch extension to reach it don't remember the socket,might have been a 12mm or 14mm but you losten the pulley itself a few turns first,not all the way off but enough to let the tension bolt travel...torque to desired or specified torque..i still don't know the torque settings for the alt belt as i did a steal with this engine and have heard mixed applications on stealth forums but the small belt is suppose to be quite tight and when its as tight as you think it should be,tighten it 2-4 times more,its suppose to be really tighter than youd expect,idid alot of digging for that one lol...but i have heard 141lbs ft for the other,but that's strictly heresay from unreliable sources....the other tensioner bolt is right above the other pulleys toward the ac compressor(lower pulleys)your gonna need to do alot more if your doing more than tension here,depending on car,y stealth needed a belt so i had to jack it up take the driver tire and well off and than take the pulley off etc..and install..P.I.T.A..but yeah if not youll know...that's all././.